NJSBA Board of Trustees Policy on Confidentiality of Legislative Materials


Material distributed and prepared for the use of the Board of Trustees in its considerations and deliberation of legislative and regulatory matters is for the use of the Board of Trustees, Executive Committee and Legislative Committee only. The legislative recommendations made by a section, committee, or divisions shall be communicated in an appropriate manner by the Legislative Counsel and/or staff. The materials used by a section, committee or division to reach a legislative policy recommendation shall be provided to the Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, Legislative Committee and any section, committee or division as may be appropriate to formulate, review or discuss a legislative position. The material shall not be distributed to groups outside the NJSBA or to a section, committee or division that has not taken part in the deliberation on the legislation at issue or that does not need the materials for the purposes of formulating, reviewing or discussing a legislative recommendation as determined by the Legislative Counsel in consultation with the Executive Director. A legislative position adopted by the Board of Trustees shall become the official position of the Association and is subject to appropriate communication.

Adopted: October 16, 1998