Angela C. Scheck Executive Director 732-937-7500
Maria Parente Executive Administrator 937-7531

Finance and Human Resources

Deborah Turbert Controller 732-214-8503
Karen Herbert-Bell Senior Accountant 937-7533
Dana Sollecito Senior Accountant 214-8557 
Fatima Petillo Staff Accountant 214-8512
Donna Zaborowski Administrator, Human Resources and Payroll 565-7570
Karen Jimenez Accounting Assistant 214-8507

Communications and Media Relations

Kate Coscarelli Associate Executive Director, Communications 732-937-7548
Paula Saha Director of Communications and Media Relations 214-8509
Barbara Straczynski Director of New Media and Promotion 937-7524
Janet Gallo Creative Director 937-7522
Laurie Weresow Communications and Member Services Associate 937-7538

CLE Programs

Lisa W. Spiegel, Esq. Senior Managing Director, CLE Programs 732-214-8554
Eileen O’Connor, Esq. Seminar Director 214-8505
Diane Appel Rotmil, Esq. Director of Product Development 214-8504
Martin Zumsteg Seminar Materials Director 214-8511
Dana Van Leuven, Esq.  Manager of CLE Programming 964-1821
Sujata Gupta MCLE Compliance & Accreditation Manager 214-8577
Samantha Milek MCLE Administrator 214-8518
Cheyenne Desamour  Seminar Administrator 214-8501
Myra-Lee Cohen Materials Coordinator 214-8529
Joan Goldstein ICLE Receptionist 249-5100

Meetings and Facilities

Denise Gallo Senior Managing Director, Meetings and Facilities 732-937-7537
Tamika Wilson Meetings Manager 937-7540
Deepa Patel
Senior Meeting Planner 937-7517
Carla Kile
Meeting Planner
Abby Trotta
Meeting Planner
Darwin Guevara Director of Facilities 937-7545
Luis Matos
Facilities Associate 937-7510
Greg Theil
Facilities Associate 937-7510
Ramon Bueno Facilities Associate, P/T 937-7510
Miguel Lopez Facilities Associate, P/T 937-7510

Marketing/Information Technology

Dr. Robert Spangler Associate Executive Director, Operations and Information Technology 732-937-7513
Thomas Mackintosh
MIS/Audio Visual Director
Jennifer Mallea Marketing Manager 214-8552
Gabriella Ribeiro
Marketing Associate
IT Help Desk
IT Help Desk Team
Brian Altamura Helpdesk/AV Manager 937-7508
Phil Barry Database Administrator 937-7509
Donna Chamberlain Publications Manager 214-8516

Member Services

Paula Portner Senior Managing Director, Member Services 732-565-7560
Lynn Marie Gallo Manager of New Business Development
Jennifer Barry Senior Member Services Associate 937-7506
Fern Facher Senior Member Services Associate 937-7546
Justine Squillaro
Association Representative 214-8521
Brooke Zaborowski Association Representative 214-8526
Dudley Engram Business Services Supervisor 937-7547
Michael Basile Receptionist 249-5000
Jill Sylvester  Association Representative (P/T) 937-7527 

Legal And Government Affairs

Sharon A. Balsamo, Esq.
Assistant Executive Director/General Counsel
Denise Sharperson, Esq. Assistant General Counsel/Director of Diversity Initiatives 937-7504
Lisa Chapland, Esq. Director of Government Affairs 214-8510
Brian Doyle Legal and Government Affairs Assistant 937-7512
Christina Pateman Special Projects Coordinator 937-7514

New Jersey State Bar Foundation

Angela C. Scheck Executive Director 732-937-7500
Cynthia Pellegrino Director of Grant Programs and Administration 937-7507
Sheila Boro Director of Mock Trial Programs 937-7519
Jodi Miller Director of Communications, Marketing and Social Media 937-7529
Elissa Zylbershlag Director of Conflict Resolution and Anti-Bias Initiatives  937-7523 
Ashley Emerson Program Coordinator 937-7525
Michael Basile Fulfillment and Office Assistant 937-7543
John Paller Fulfillment Assistant 964-1819

New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program

William John Kane, Esq.
Director 732-937-7549
[email protected]
Nancy Stek, LCADC Associate Director 565-7572
Denise Golonka, MA, LPC, LCADC Clinical Manager 937-7541
Ramon Ortiz, Esq. Senior Attorney Counselor 937-7553
Paula Garra Sawyer, Esq.
Senior Attorney Counselor
Noreen Braman Program Manager and Publications Editor 565-7571
Zahra Twiford  Program Accountant and Database Administrator 565-7574