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Attorney Authors Track

Darrow’s Nightmare and the Ethics of Advocacy
Real Life Lessons from a Fictional Lawyer
Business and Insurance Law Track
What Lawyers Need to Know About Taxes
Business Litigation: The Good, The Bad and the Equity
Hot Topics in Insurance
Risk Management and Insurance Considerations in Commercial Transactions
Certified Civil Trial Track
Effective Oral Argument in Appellate and Trial Courts
Civil Motion Practice
Practical Evidence: Admissibility of Evidence at Trial

Civil Litigation Track
Hot Tips for Hot Litigators
Why People or Jurors Don't Like You: Interpersonal Skills Inside and Outside of the Courtroom – A 2022 Update
Automobile Insurance Update   
Tales from the Bench and Bar and Lessons Learned
Handling the High Profile, Multi-Jurisdictional Case
The New Jersey Insurance Fair Conduct Act: What You Must Know About This New Law
Judicial Creativity and Non-Traditional Case Management 
A Class Actions Update: Federal and New Jersey Developments for 2021-2022
The Supreme Court Year in Review
Civil Trial Bench Bar Conference
Criminal Litigation Track
Criminal Trial Practice Skills: A 101 Course
The Ever-Growing Interplay Between Criminal Law and Immigration Law
Insurance Fraud
Criminal Law Appellate Practice Update
Trends and Hot Topics in Federal Criminal Practice
Achieving Justice: State v Ways - A Conversation with Justice Albin, Professor Jenny-Brooke Condon, and Anthony Ways. Moderated by Prof. Charles Ray  

Criminal Trial Bench Bar Conference
Dispute Resolution Track
Practical Tips and Skills to Enhance the Mediation Process
Settlement Issues, Techniques, and Tips – “Talkin ‘bout a Resolution” 
Surfing The Waves of Conflict: Winning Strategies for Navigating Settlement Discussions in Mediations of Workplace Disputes
Diversity, Inclusion and Elimination of Bias Track
Diversity Matters
Why Words Matter
Pathways to the Bench: The Annual Meeting Edition
Beyond Andujar: A Deeper Dive
Ethics and Professionalism Track
Ethics and Professionalism: What’s New in 2022? 
Transitioning from Law Clerk to Associate: Professional Tips to Make it a Success for New Lawyers and Those Who Hire Them
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ethics and Malpractice (and Some Things You Didn’t Know You Needed)
Refreshing Your “Ethical” Recollection: 4 Relevant RPCs Every Lawyer Should Remember When Practicing in A Hybrid Court
Family Law Track
Parenting Time Issues Involving Teenage Children
How to Equitably Distribute Non-Traditional Assets and Liabilities
College and Graduate School Contributions: Who has an Obligation to Contribute?
Re-Examining the Child Support Guidelines in 2022
Guardians Ad Litem: Who Can Serve, What Can They Do and How Can They Be Used?
Family Law Bench Bar Conference: Getting the Family Part Back on Track in a Post-Pandemic World
Immigration Law Track
HIIT and Hills: Hot Important Immigration Topics (and Hopeful Immigration Lawyers/Law Section)
Diversity and Inclusion and Immigration Law  
Municipal Court Track
Municipal Court Practice 101
DWI Update
Ethics in Municipal Court
Municipal Court Bench Bar Conference
Presidential Initiative Track
Putting Lawyers First
The Ukraine: What Lawyers Can Do in this Humanitarian Crisis
Practice Gratitude
Domestic Violence: Survivors’ Stories of Courage and What the Law Must Do to Protect Victims
The Women In Charge: Lessons in Leadership from Ground-Breaking Women
Wayne’s World: A Hot Tips in the Law Round Table Featuring Hometown Classmates and Friends of the President-Elect
Emerging Issues in Cryptocurrency: What You Need to Know about This Currency That is Digital, Secure and Here to Stay   
Second Chances: Recovery Courts and Expungements: Success After Addiction
Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Track
The Dynamics of Commercial Loan Closings: From Internal and External Counsels' Perspectives
Hot Topics in Commercial Real Estate
Estate Planning 101
Residential Real Estate from A-Z (A 101 Course)
Estate and Gift Tax Update
Fiduciary Litigation Update
Special Interest Track
Inside Trenton
Indigenous People and Justice: The Shocking Forced Removal of Native Children from their Homes and the Fight to Stop the Government from Declaring the Indian Child Welfare Act Unconstitutional
Environmental Law and Public Health Update
Hot Topics in Land Use Law
Put Your Law Firm/Organization to the Test: A Law Office/Legal Department Management Program
Prior Restraint/Content Moderation: Where are We Today?
DOJ and HHS: Perspectives on the Enforcement Priorities in Healthcare from the Defense Bar and In-House Counsel on the First Year of the Biden Administration
How to Draft Efficient and Effective Retainer Agreements (Even if You Think You Already Do)
Trends and Hot Topics in Financial Services
Managing the Practice of Law in a (Hopefully) Post-Pandemic World
Cannabis Licensing in New Jersey- What You Need to Know as the Businesses Light Up
The 3 Ds: Divorce, Domestic Violence, Diversion and the Intersection with Behavioral Health 
Opening The Black Box: The Intersection of AI and Employment Law
Name, Image and Likeness: The New NCAA Regulations and Your Ethical Obligations to Your Clients
Hot Topics in Higher Education
Inside the United States Attorney’s Office  
Your Client Filed for Bankruptcy, Now What? The Interface Between State, Federal and Bankruptcy Courts   
Rise of Emotional Disabilities in the Wake of the Pandemic
Pets, in the Housing Crisis and Aviation
The Role of Pro Bono in Securing Access to Counsel
Workers Compensation Bench Bar Conference
Technology Track
Ransomware: How to Avoid an Attack on Your Firm and Your Client’s Business
Shields Up: Everything New Jersey Attorneys Need to Know to be Cyber Safe 
Young Lawyers Track
Courtroom Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts for All Lawyers
From the Classroom to the Courtroom
Practical Evidence: Admissibility of Evidence at Trial