Co-sponsorship Application 2021 - 2022

Application Deadline: Friday, January 22, 2021


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Please attach a description of the project for which you are requesting funding, and be sure to address the questions below. Please also note that projects must be in strict compliance with the rules governing the use of IOLTA funds, as outlined in the Cosponsorship Agreement.

Agreement Step 1: Download and complete the NJSBF Official Cosponsorship Agreement from this link: Download NJSBF Agreement Form

Agreement Step 2: Attach the Cosponsorship Agreement form from above, signed by two officers of the organization:

Project Description Information: Required Subjects To Cover
- What are the law-related themes/topics being addressed by the project?
- Is this an existing or new project for your organization?
- What is the anticipated timeline from start to finish? Please keep in mind that this application covers
   grants for projects that are initiated and completed within the Foundation’s upcoming fiscal year, e.g.
   between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022.
- What is the current need for this project?
- Who is the intended audience for the project? The New Jersey State Bar Foundation is committed to
   diversity and inclusion throughout all of its programs and activities. Please address how the project will
   impact underserved populations and provide demographic information about the people served by this
- What efforts will be made to publicize the project to its intended audience and to engage the media,
   community leaders, and other constituents related to this project?
- How and when will you evaluate the project’s impact and measure success? How and when will that
   information be shared with the New Jersey State Bar Foundation?

Your Project description


A listing of the organization’s current Board of Directors

A line item budget detailing project expenses

A copy of the organization’s Certificate of Incorporation

A copy of IRS exemption letter, e.g. 501(c)(3) status confirmation

A copy of the organization’s current bylaws

The organization’s most recent audit or, if the organization does not obtain an audit,
an organization-wide financial statement certified by the chief financial officer

If requesting more than $12,000, a completed Auditor’s Certification as indicated in the
Audit Policy attached to the Cosponsorship Agreement

You may submit up to 2 additional pages of material that you feel are relevant to your application.

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