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2020-11-17   New Report from NJSBA Pandemic Task Force Committee on the Resumption of Jury Trials Explores Issues, Makes Recommendations - Virtual civil trials should be voluntary to start, with central goal to ensure transparent, deliberative process that bolsters public confidence 
2020-11-17   NJ Commission on Professionalism in the Law honors recipients of the O’Hern, Hollenbeck, Lighthouse Awards and Professional Lawyer of the Year Awards for commitment to highest standards, achievement
2020-11-03   NJSBA Nominating Committee seeks candidates for leadership positions
2020-10-28   NJ Supreme Court amends CLE requirements to include diversity, inclusion, elimination of bias credits - NJSBA supported along with county and affinity bar organizations
2020-10-26   NJICLE again voted No. 1 CLE provider in New Jersey
2020-10-26   Celebrating 25 Years of the New Jersey Commission on Professionalism: Reflecting on the Principles of Professionalism Today and for the Future
2020-10-26   NJSBA 2020 Pro Bono Awards honor attorneys, firms for providing justice for the voiceless in New Jersey
2020-10-08   NJSBA files amicus brief raising constitutional concerns with jury selection process used in Bergen County criminal trial 
2020-09-24   NJSBA Advocating for Additional Funding for Legal Services of New Jersey
2020-09-15   Call for nominations for leadership positions within the NJSBA Bankruptcy Law Section
2020-09-09   NJSBA urges courts turn to civil matters as first step in resumption of jury trials to ensure constitutional rights and safety for public, legal community  
2020-08-05   NJSBA Nominating Committee seeks candidates to fill Middlesex County trustee and Nominating Committee vacancies
2020-07-27   NJSBA Statement on the Resumption of Jury Trials: Plan says Judiciary's Resumption of Jury Trial Plan is laudable, but expresses concerns that important details have not been addressed
2020-07-21   Statement from NJSBA President Kimberly A. Yonta on tragic attack at home of Judge Salas
2020-07-16   NJSBA asks Court to require CLE on diversity, inclusion and elimination of bias
2020-07-13   NJSBA Releases Law Firm Re-Opening Guidance to Aid Process of Returning Safely to Workplaces: Reports offer recommendations and best practices in nine key areas all must consider
2020-07-08   NJSBA creates Commission on Racial Equity in the Law
2020-07-08   NJSBA Pandemic Task Force releases guidance for the resumption of jury trials
2020-07-01   NJSBA files amicus brief with NJ Supreme Court about Google Ad Buys
2020-06-08   NJSBA creates Pandemic Task Force to provide guidance for legal community
2020-05-29   NJSBA President calls for fair and independent investigation into killing of George Floyd
2020-05-28   Supreme Court grants NJSBA petition for review on question over poaching clients by purchasing internet keyword advertising
2020-05-21   Association offers comments on civil trial practice report
2020-05-20   NJSBA launches Free Legal Answers; volunteer attorneys will answer COVID-19 related legal questions through secure website
2020-05-19   Installation Speech: NJSBA President Kimberly A. Yonta, 2020-2021
Nominations Sought for New Jersey Municipal Court Practice Award 2020
2020-05-16   Evelyn Padin is NJSBA Immediate Past President
2020-05-16   Amalfe sworn in as Secretary of NJSBA
2020-05-16   Mergner becomes NJSBA Treasurer
2020-05-16   McGoughran becomes NJSBA Second Vice President
2020-05-16   Lawrence, of Somerset County, sworn in as NJSBA First Vice President
2020-05-16   Carmagnola becomes NJSBA President-Elect
2020-05-15   Kimberly A. Yonta is sworn in as NJSBA President
2020-05-15   NJSBA installs new slate of officers Yonta becomes Association president; Carmagnola is president-elect; Padin is immediate past president
2020-04-21   NJSBA Seeks Volunteer Attorneys to Provide Civil Legal Help to Members of the Public Facing Legal Challenges due to COVID-19
2020-04-21   NJSBA Successfully Argued as Amicus in NJ Supreme Court Legal Malpractice Case
2020-04-01   Message from NJSBA President Evelyn Padin
2020-03-30   Association asks Court to issue long-term plan to direct profession through pandemic
2020-03-27   NJSBA advocating for profession, public
2020-03-18   NJSBA tells officials lawyers and law firms should be viewed as essential 
2020-03-09   NJSBA Weighs in on Amicus Matter Over Three-Day Rule in Real Estate Auctions
2020-02-28   President's Perspective: NJSBA to offer practice management help
2020-02-26   Supreme Court denies Stay in DUI case, agreeing with NJSBA amicus advocacy
2020-02-18   NJSBA advocacy successful at ABA Mid-Year Meeting to protect lawyers and find ways to close Justice Gap
2020-02-11   NJSBA supports proposed Criminal Rule changes on first appearances and out-of-court identification procedure
2020-02-10   Nominations Report of the NJSBA Board of Trustees
2020-02-07  Supreme Court sides with tax court that transfer inheritance tax law demands predictability and certainty
2020-02-06  Nominations sought for Young Lawyers Division Executive Committee 2020
2020-02-05  Supreme Court largely agrees with NJSBA amicus argument in Balducci v. Cige
2020-02-04  NJSBA policy sets expectations for diversity on CLE panels
2020-01-30  Nominations sought for Dispute Resolution Section 2020 Distinguished Service Award
2020-01-30  Nominations sought for 2020 James B. Boskey Award
2020-01-30  Nominations sought for Mel Narol Award; Deadline Extended
2020-01-15  NJSBA Nominations 2020

2020-01-14  New Jersey Supreme Court opinion agrees with NJSBA amicus position in Meisels v. Fox Rothschild
2020-01-13  NJSBA seeks amicus status in RPC case
2020-01-06  Bar associations condemn anti-Semitic violence and hate speech
2019-12-05  NJSBA Drug and Alcohol Abuse Committee changes name, expands mission
2019-11-26  NJSBA to monitor case focused on reliability of DRE evidence
2019-11-26  Presidential historian and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Doris Kearns Goodwin to give keynote at 2020 NJSBA Annual Meeting and Convention
2019-11-25  NJSBA celebrates diversity, inclusion in Judiciary; bestows Justice Thurgood Marshall Award
2019-11-18  NJSBA to argue amicus position at Supreme Court this week
2019-11-16  Filmmaker, panel revisit a historic hate crime, and reflect on its relevance today
2019-11-15  NJSBA Nominating Committee seeks candidates for leadership positions
2019-11-14  NJSBA Donates to Puerto Rican Charities at Mid-Year Meeting
2019-10-31  Lawyers Give Back at NJSBA Law Day in Passaic
2019-10-30  NJICLE Again Voted No. 1 Continuing Education Provider in New Jersey
2019-10-29  Calling All New Lawyers: Share Your Challenges About the Profession in NJSBA/FDU Survey
2019-10-23  NJSBA Pro Bono Awards honor lawyers for helping New Jersey’s most vulnerable
2019-10-22  Tracy M. Thompson, Charles J. Hollenbeck Award winner, prosecutor dedicated to public service
2019-10-22  NJ Commission on Professionalism in the Law, county and affinity bar association awards to honor achievement, highest ideals
2019-10-01  NJSBA Offers Comments on Municipal Court Recommendations 
2019-09-30  NJSBA Asks For Uniformity in Safety at Workers' Compensation Courts
2019-09-25  Meet New Jersey State Bar Foundation’s Mary Jean Barnes, Director of Administration and Grant Programs 
2019-09-20  NJSBA weighs in on poaching clients by purchasing Internet keyword advertising
2019-09-19  NJSBA seeks amicus status in Tort Claims Act case
2019-08-19  Calling All New Jersey Lawyers to Fight Hunger
2019-08-07  Association offers comments on proposed changes to guardianship laws
2019-06-18  Appellate Court issues opinion in case where NJSBA appeared as amicus party
2019-06-01  Association files amicus brief in DWI case pending before NJ Supreme Court
2019-05-17  First Latina becomes NJSBA President in Association’s 120-year History
2019-05-17  Middlesex County attorney is NJSBA president-elect
2019-05-17  NJSBA first vice president is Morristown attorney
2019-05-17  Lawrence of Somerset County sworn in as NJSBA second vice president
2019-05-17  McGoughran becomes NJSBA treasurer
2019-05-17  Mergner becomes Secretary of NJSBA
2019-05-17  Keefe is NJSBA immediate past president

2019-05-17   NJSBA Installs New Slate of Officers: Padin becomes Association’s first Latina president; Yonta is president-elect, Keefe immediate past president
2019-05-14   Thousands of attorneys and judges to gather in Atlantic City 
2019-05-01    NJSBA urges tenure for Workers Compensation Judges
2019-04-19    Association requests certification for real estate attorneys
2019-04-16    Association provides comments on proposed Court Rule changes 
2019-03-27    Association files amicus brief in appointment of counsel case
2019-03-14    NJSBA Nominating Committee Seeks Candidate for Vacant Seat for Section/Committee Trustee

2019-03-01    NJSBA Pro Bono Committee Accepting Nominations for 2019 Awards
2019-02-28    Lawyers Helping Lawyers Task Force aims to provide resources, guidance to attorneys facing a medical crisis
2019-02-14    Nominations sought for the 2019 Municipal Court Practice Award
2019-02-13    Association seeks to be amicus in case over fiduciary duty
2019-02-11    Nominations Report of the NJSBA Board of Trustees

2019-02-11    Association Offers Comments on Changes to Title IX Regulations
2019-02-08    Association seeks Collaborative Law Evidence Rule
2019-02-06    YLD seeks award nominations
2019-01-31    Nominations Sought for 2019 James B. Boskey Award
2019-01-22    NJSBA amicus in case about award of additur
2019-01-11    Court agrees with NJSBA argument in case centering on arbitration clauses
2019-01-10    Association offers suggestions to clarify foreclosure rules
2019-01-08    NJSBA Diversity Committee accepting nominations for Mel Narol Award
2018-12-11    Association seeks amicus status in Balducci v. Cige
2018-12-10    NJSBA Pleased No Assessment Increase For Attorneys, Expresses Concerns About Use of Reserves For Disciplinary Matters
2018-11-19    NJSBA Nominating Committee Seeks Candidates for Leadership Positions

2018-10-30     Statement from NJSBA President Keefe on the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting
2018-10-25     NJSBA Nominating Committee seeks candidates for vacant Young Lawyers Division and Section/Committee Trustee seats  
2018-10-15     NJSBA comments on dismissal of unresolved 15 year old municipal court cases involving certain minor offenses
2018-09-24     Association seeks modifications to Complex Business Litigation Program
2018-09-24     NJSBA submits comments on Municipal Court reforms
2018-09-05     NJSBA Nominating Committee Seeks Candidate for Vacant Section/Committee Trustee Seat 
2018-08-21     Rule change allows two attorneys at Appeals, but only one at Supreme Court 
2018-08-20     General Council Annual Election set for fall
2018-08-20     NJSBA position prevails in Appellate Case, Moreland v. Parks
2018-08-17     NJSBA officers welcome new law school students
2018-08-14     New Court Rules go into effect Sept. 1, one item being reconsidered
2018-08-10     Fishman to receive NJSBA Professional Lawyer of the Year honor
2018-08-06     NJSBA files amicus brief in effort to have Supreme Court review statute of limitations case
2018-08-02     Association's Education Pipeline Program to be honored
2018-07-30     Association offers comments on Special Needs Trust proposals
2018-07-17     NJSBA president comments on municipal courts report from Judiciary
2018-07-03     Appellate Division agrees with NJSBA amicus position in statute of limitations case 
2018-06-26     NJSBA and several bar groups oppose border policies that are separating families, offer help
2018-06-08     Association urges adoption of Special Master Report in DUI case
2018-05-18     Hille becomes immediate past NJSBA president
2018-05-18     McGoughran becomes NJSBA secretary
2018-05-18     Lawrence, of Somerset County, sworn in as NJSBA treasurer
2018-05-18     NJSBA second vice president is Morristown attorney
2018-05-18     Middlesex County attorney is NJSBA first vice president
2018-05-18     First Latina becomes NJSBA president-elect
2018-05-18     Keefe is NJSBA 2018-2019 President
2018-05-18     NJSBA Installs New Slate of Officers - Keefe Becomes President, Padin President-Elect, Hille Immediate Past President
2018-05-15     NJSBA Annual Meeting and Convention Biggest Annual Event in Legal Community
2018-05-15     NJSBA urges reliable funding for criminal justice reform measures
2018-05-10     New Jersey Commission on Professionalism in the Law seeking nominees for awards
2018-05-09     Report of findings of facts and conclusions of remand court in State v. Cassidy
2018-05-04     Association urges action to fill vacancies on federal bench
2018-05-01     State Bar Association asks Judiciary to help alert profession, public when municipal courts close
2018-04-30     NJSBA will seek amicus role in Dimitrakopoulos v. Borrus, Goldin
2018-04-30     NJSBA 2018-2019 Proposed Budget
2018-04-24     Appellate Division affirms trial court ruling in Bianchi v. Ladjen
2018-04-06     Altman to receive 2018 Tischler Award

2018-04-05     NJSBA's Balsamo recognized for contributions to the legal field
2018-03-29     NJSBA files amicus brief in statute of limitations matter
2018-03-27     West Morris Mendham High School takes mock trial title
2018-03-22     Association urges New Jersey Senators to fund labor relations board
2018-03-12     Governor Murphy Renews Hughes Compact
2018-03-08     NJSBA Nominating Committee seeks candidates to fill Monmouth County trustee and ABA delegate vacancies
2018-03-07     Nominations sought for 2018 NJ Municipal Court Practice Award
2018-03-07     NJSBA expresses serious concern regarding proposals to update the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct
2018-03-01     YLD seeks nominations for annual awards: Deadline is March 16
2018-02-27     In amicus brief, NJSBA says joint opinion about online legal service sites should stand
2018-02-26     Division of Taxation offers explanation of estate tax changes
2018-02-21     NJSBA argues parties must fully understand arbitration clauses
2018-02-21     New Jersey State Bar Association President Robert B. Hille issues statement concerning the shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla.
2018-02-12     Nominations Report of the Board of Trustees

2018-02-09     Wikstrom joins NJSBA Board of Trustees
2018-02-08     NJSBA supports pay raise for state's judges
2018-02-01     NJSBA Pro Bono Committee Accepting Nominations for 2018 Awards
2018-01-31     Nominations sought for 2018 James B. Boskey Award
2018-01-15     Association supports proposed character review changes, urges firm timeframes
2018-01-15     Association supports chief recommendation of Court’s malpractice insurance committee
2018-01-10     Association urges Gov. Christie to sign law supporting veterans, disabled and LGBT communities
2017-12-11     NJ Spotlight Op-Ed: Insurance Bill Would Be Fairer for Professionals, Protect Consumers
2017-12-11     Bar Foundation President Lynn Fontaine Newsome on NJSBF annual fundraising appeal
2017-12-08     Nominating Committee seeks candidate for vacant Union County trustee seat
2017-12-07     Orders issued in Cassidy case
2017-11-28     Association seeks friend-of-the-court status in tax case
2017-11-27     NJICLE to present 2017 Clapp and Distinguished Service Awards
2017-11-21     NJSBA members selected for Murphy transition team
2017-11-21     NJSBA expresses concerns about federal tax proposals
2017-11-03     NJSBA Nominating Committee seeks candidates for leadership positions
2017-10-31     NJSBA files as amicus in real estate matter
2017-10-11     Supreme Court upholds lower court ruling in statute of limitations amicus matter 
2017-10-11     General Council to discuss issues facing legal community
2017-09-29     Association files as amicus in Moreland v. Parks
2017-09-08     Hille reaches out to Florida Bar as Irma bears down
2017-09-08     Heinold joins Board of Trustees
2017-09-01     Timely topics on tap at NJICLE programs this month
2017-08-31     Resources for NJSBA members to help in the wake of Hurricane Harvey's destruction
2017-08-30     NJSBA President Robert B. Hille wrote to the presidents of the State Bar of Texas and Houston Bar Association in the wake of Hurricane Harvey's destruction
2017-08-21     NJSBA 2017-2018 Leadership Academy fellows announced
2017-08-16     Hille welcomes state's law students to the profession
2017-08-10     General Council accepting candidates; All voting electronic this year; Annual Meeting set for Oct. 13
2017-08-08     NJSBA amicus program scores a win in child relocation matter
2017-07-12     Appellate Division agrees with NJSBA in Smith v. Datla
2017-07-11     Leadership Academy grad now a judge
2017-07-06     NJSBA urges Gov. Christie to maintain Legal Services funding in FY2018 budget
2017-06-29     NJ Commission on Professionalism Seeks Nominations for Awards
2017-06-28     NJSBA amicus position upheld in Appellate Division in land use matter
2017-06-27     Foundation has new and improved website
2017-06-22     NJSBA Nominating Committee Seeks Candidate for Open Seat for Burlington County Trustee
2017-06-21     Statement from NJSBA President Robert B. Hille on Joint Opinion of the Supreme Court ACPE/CAA/UPL Committees on AVVO, LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer 
2017-06-16     Association offers expertise to courts
2017-06-09     Association offers comments on municipal court practice proposals
2017-05-25     Comments offered on character review
2017-05-19     Hille Sworn in as President of the New Jersey State Bar Association

2017-05-19     Keefe Sworn in as President-Elect of the New Jersey State Bar Association
2017-05-19     Padin Sworn in as First Vice President of the New Jersey State Bar Association
2017-05-19     Yonta Sworn in as NJSBA Second Vice President
2017-05-19     Carmagnola Sworn in as NJSBA Treasurer
2017-05-19     Lawrence sworn in as NJSBA secretary
2017-05-19     Prol is Immediate Past President of the New Jersey State Bar Association
2017-05-18     NJSBA Installs New Slate of Officers  
2017-05-17     Supreme Court Justices, NJ Attorney General, Rutgers Coach Stringer, Legislators, and Legal Luminaries Featured Tomorrow at New Jersey State Bar Association Annual Meeting
2017-05-16     Thousands of judges and attorneys gather for year's biggest legal event
2017-05-16     NJSBA attorney volunteers and students talk constitutional rights
2017-05-15     NJSBA forms Cybersecurity Legal Task Force
2017-05-12     Thousands of Attorneys and Judges Gather in Atlantic City: New Jersey State Bar Association Holds Legal Community’s Largest Annual Meeting Wednesday through Friday
2017-05-02     Fischer picked to fill Warren County post
2017-05-01     NJSBF and association celebrate Law Day 2017
2017-04-19     NJSBA heads to Capitol Hill in support of legal services, veterans
2017-04-18     Schwartz is 2017 Tischler Award recipient
2017-04-12     NJSBA to urge funding for Legal Services
2017-04-11     NJSBA Nominating Committee seeks candidate for open seat for Cape May County Trustee
2017-04-10     Court assigns special master in DWI case
2017-04-10     Comments offered on proposed court rule changes
2017-04-03     NJSBA urges funding for LSC
2017-04-03     Court agrees with NJSBA amicus position in real estate case
2017-03-30     Justice Garibaldi to be honored at Law Center
2017-03-28     Volunteer attorneys address immigration matters and other legal issues at Union City event
2017-03-27     New Jersey State Bar Association will host CourtHack 2.0 next month
2017-03-22     NJSBA urges tenure for workers' comp judges, proposals to division
2017-03-17     NJSBA Nominating Committee seeks candidate for open seat for Warren County Trustee
2017-03-16 NJSBA asks Washington to restore legal services funding
2017-03-10     Supreme Court addresses standards for stay of DWI license suspension in municipal court and Law Division
2017-03-02     NJSBF program tackles violence against women on college campuses
2017-03-01     State Bar Association to hold conference for solo and small-firm attorneys in two locations this month
2017-02-27     NJSBA opposes changes to advertising and communications rules
2017-02-21     Nominations sought for 2017 Municipal Court Practice Award
2017-02-20     May it please the court: A primer on how the NJSBA amicus program works
2017-02-17     Gender, the Law, and the 2016 Presidential Election: March 14 event examines the role of women in the political process
2017-02-16     NJ Council on Local Mandates dismisses Criminal Justice Reform Complaint
2017-02-15     Court upholds NJSBA amicus position in prospective juror open-ended questions matter
2017-02-13     Amicus matter on emotional distress of non-biological parent won't go forward
2017-02-10     New Jersey State Bar Foundation solicits candidates for Board of Trustees
2017-02-08     Dispute Resolution Section seeks nominations for 2017 James B. Boskey Award
2017-02-07     NJSBA seeks amicus status in statute of limitations case
2017-02-03     NJSBA President testifies at ABA Mid-Year Meeting on Proposed Amendments to Model RPCs 7.1-7.5
2017-02-02     NJSBA Diversity Committee accepting nominations for Mel Narol Award
2017-01-31     Message from NJSBA President Thomas H. Prol regarding President Donald J. Trump’s Jan. 27 executive order on immigration matters
2017-01-30     NJSBA files brief in bail reform action
2017-01-30     Nominations report of the Board of Trustees - Jan. 30, 2017
2017-01-26     Two new trustees to join NJSBA governing body after two receive judgeships
2017-01-24     New Jersey State Bar Foundation solicits candidates for one vacancy on the Board of Trustees - deadline extended to Feb. 3, 2017
2017-01-23     Association comments on discipline rule proposals
2017-01-11     Association seeks pro bono reporting rule changes
2017-01-10     Members seek leadership roles: Nominating Committee will interview candidates Jan 18 and 19 
2017-01-06     Association recognized as a leader for social justice
2017-01-05     Lawyers Feeding New Jersey provides nearly 27,000 meals for state’s hungry
2016-12-21     NJSBA Nominating Committee Seeks Candidate for Vacant Seat for Section/Committee Trustee

2016-12-15     Message from NJSBA President Thomas H. Prol on judicial pay raises
2016-12-12     Mandatory CLE is Good for New Jersey Lawyers and Judges - NJSBA President Thomas H. Prol - New Jersey Law Journal Op-Ed
2016-12-08     NJSBA files amicus saying certain family law decisions should be made by a jury
2016-12-07     State Bar pursues rule change regarding accessing Family Part court records
2016-12-05     NJSBA offers input on DWI issue
2016-11-30     NJSBA files as amicus in family case
2016-11-29     NJSBA amicus position upheld in Appellate Division on Public Defender representing mulitiple parties in family matters
2016-11-28     State Bar President to help swear in new attorneys at Trenton ceremony
2016-11-28     NJSBA urges no increase in annual assessments in 2017
2016-11-21     NJSBA launches Lawyers Feeding New Jersey virtual fundraising campaign
2016-11-14     NJSBA Nominating Committee Seeks Candidates for Leadership Positions

2016-11-09     NJICLE to present 2016 Clapp and Distinguished Service Awards
2016-10-31     Resolution to honor Alice Paul
2016-10-27     NJSBA amicus in App Div case dealing with failure to ask mandatory open-ended voir dire questions
2016-10-25     Attorneys from across New Jersey recognized for a legacy of professionalism; Paulette Brown tapped for Daniel J. O’Hern Award
2016-10-24     NJSBA Nominating Committee seeks candidate for vacant seat for Hunterdon County Trustee
2016-10-19     Cerra tapped for Hollenbeck honor
2016-10-19     Brown to receive 2016 O'Hern Award
2016-10-18     Important Filing Fee Update
2016-10-17     NJSBA looks at continuing education trends
2016-10-14     General Council taps Mercer County lawyer
2016-10-06     Recognizing the Community Health Law Project’s 40th anniversary
2016-10-04     NJSBA says more work needed on guardianship forms
2016-10-03     NJSBA supports findings of Supreme Court’s Working Group on the Indiscriminate Shackling of Juveniles in Court 
2016-09-23     NJSBA Annual Report 2016-2017
2016-09-12     Nominations sought for Arthur T. Vanderbilt Award for Excellence in Judicial Administration
2016-08-24     Important Information Regarding Mandatory Attorney Registration

2016-08-12     Get to Know the NJSBA - New series invites members to Ask the Bar about issues, benefits, advocacy
2016-08-08     NJ Commission on Professionalism Seeks Nominations for 2016 Annual Awards    
2016-08-01     Notice to General Council Members - Information About 2016 Annual Meeting and Solicitation of Nominees for Nominating Committee Seat
2016-07-20     10 attorneys join NJSBA Leadership Academy fellows
2016-06-01     Remarks of NJSBA President Thomas H. Prol, New attorney swearing-in, Trenton War Memorial
2016-05-20     Thomas H. Prol sworn in as 118th President of New Jersey State Bar Association
2016-05-20     Hille sworn in as President-Elect of New Jersey State Bar Association
2016-05-20     Keefe becomes First Vice President of New Jersey State Bar Association
2016-05-20     Padin becomes Second Vice President of New Jersey State Bar Association
2016-05-20     Yonta sworn in as NJSBA Treasurer
2016-05-20     Carmagnola is sworn in as NJSBA Secretary
2016-05-20     Winder is Immediate Past President of New Jersey State Bar Association
2016-05-20     Association Installs New Slate of Officers
2016-05-19     New Jersey's Top Judges Tomorrow Address New Jersey State Bar's Annual Gathering
2016-05-18     Judges, Legislators, Politicians and Legal Luminaries Featured Tomorrow at New Jersey State Bar Association Annual Meeting

2016-05-17     Lt. Gov. Guadagno will keynote at NJSBA Annual Meeting
2016-05-17     State bar recognizes attorneys for law-related achievements
2016-05-12     NJSBA Annual Meeting starts next week
2016-05-01     Statement from NJSBA President for Law Day 2016
2016-04-26     NJSBA disappointed in High Court ruling over use of American Rule
2016-04-14     Family law leader Chuck Vuotto this year's Saul Tischler Award recipient
2016-04-13     NJ Commission on Professionalism Seeks Nominations for Annual Awards
2016-04-11     NJSBA President Miles S. Winder III statement on New Jersey Supreme Court announcement
2016-03-28     Public invited to testify on judicial independence in municipal courts
2016-03-25     NJSBA President speaks out on judicial independence
2016-03-16     NJSBA to hold public hearings on judicial independence, financial issues in municipal courts 
2016-02-29     140,000 Meals Donated Through NJSBA's Lawyers Feeding New Jersey Campaign

2016-02-24     State Bar Association to hold Solo and Small-Firm Conference in two locations
2016-02-23     Seven Seek to Fill Vacancy on NJSBA Board of Trustees
2016-02-12     Nominations Report of the Board of Trustees
2016-02-09     Nominations Sought for 2016 James B. Boskey Award
2016-02-08     NJSBA to hold summit on the value of diversity and inclusion in business, legal profession
2016-02-03     Young Lawyers Division Seeks Nominations for 2016 Awards
2016-02-03     Notice to the Bar - Nominations Sought for YLD Executive Committee
2016-01-27     NJSBA Nominating Committee Accepting Candidates for Vacancy on Board of Trustees
2016-01-22     New Jersey State Bar Foundation Solicits Candidates for Board of Trustees  
2016-01-15     NJSBA mourns the death of Justice Marie Garibaldi; justice left tremendous legacy in New Jersey
2016-01-12     Nominating Committee interviews open to NJSBA members
2015-12-28      NJSBA Nominating Committee Extends Deadline for At-Large Trustee Seat 
2015-12-15     New trustee  joins board
2015-12-14     NJICLE wins top award
2015-12-11     NJSBA honors members whose volunteer efforts advance mission 
2015-12-2    NJICLE honors attorneys and judges for CLE contributions
2015-11-23  State Bar President to Help Swear in New Attorneys in Trenton
2015-11-17  NJSBA urges cautious approach to adopting UBE
2015-11-09   Using an international lens to examine women and human rights 
2015-11-02       NJSBA Nominating Committee Seeks Candidates for Leadership Positions
2015-10-22   Attorneys from across New Jersey recognized for a legacy of professionalism
2015-10-22  NJSBA celebrates National Pro Bono Week Oct. 25-31
2015-10-19  Military Law Symposium to feature first female Judge Advocate General 
2015-10-19   General Council taps Remson and Quinn for Nominating Committee
2015-10-15   October New Jersey Lawyer Launches Digital Edition
2015-10-07   Updated Notice to General Council Members: NJSBA Announces Updated List of Essex County Candidates for Vacated Nominating Committee Seat
2015-10-03   Message from the President on 2015 Bylaws Vote
2015-10-01    NJSBA Officers Support Proposed Bylaws Amendments
2015-09-18    NJSBA Announces Candidates for Nominating Committee Election, Sets Absentee Ballot Procedures and Calls for Resolutions - Notice to the Bar
2015-09-18    NJSBA General Council to Elect Nominating Committee Member from Essex County - Notice to the Bar
2015-09-03        NJSBA supports evidence rule covering mental health providers
2015-08-03      ABA President Paulette Brown's Historic Installation Speech
2015-08-01     August is Member Appreciation Month
2015-07-08     Nominations Sought for Daniel J. O'Hern Award - Deadline is July 17
2015-06-29     Yonta sworn in as NJSBA secretary
2015-06-22     NJ Commission on Professionalism seeks nominations for inaugural Charles J. Hollenbeck Award

2014-08-13      NJSBA Urges Immediate Action to Fill Judicial Vacancies

2014-08-01     NJSBA supports holistic bail reform package; constitutional amendment and implementing legislation

2014-07-30     NJSBA successfully adds its voice to court rule changes

2014-06-26      NJSBA Supports Smart and Balanced Approach to Alimony Reform

2014-06-19     New Jersey State Bar Association Task Force on Judicial Independence: Deadline to Submit Comments Set for June 30

2014-05-29      State Bar President Helps Swear in New Attorneys in Trenton

2014-05-28      New Jersey State Bar Association Task Force on Judicial Independence Public Hearing Set for June 3

2014-05-21      NJSBA Strongly Supports Chief Justice Rabner’s Reappointment

2014-05-19      Eliades Sworn in as NJSBA President

2014-05-19      Padin Sworn in as Secretary of the New Jersey State Bar Association

2014-05-19     Hille Sworn in as New Jersey State Bar Association Second Vice President

2014-05-19     Keefe Becomes Treasurer of New Jersey State Bar Association 

2014-05-19     NJSBA installs new slate of officers - Eliades becomes president, Winder president-elect, Lamparello immediate past president

2014-05-19     Lamparello Serves as Immediate Past President of New Jersey State Bar Association

2014-05-19    Winder is President-Elect of New Jersey State Bar Association

2014-05-19    Thomas H. Prol to Serve as First Vice President of the New Jersey State Bar Association

2014-05-16     New Jersey’s Top Judges Address New Jersey State Bar’s Annual Gathering

2014-05-15     High-level discussion, interaction with legal luminaries take center stage tomorrow at New Jersey State Bar Association Annual Meeting

2014-05-13     Protection of unlawful aliens, Internet gaming, finding meaning in the law and a look at what’s happening in Trenton on tap as New Jersey State Bar Association Annual Meeting kicks off tomorrow

2014-05-08      NJSBA, all 21 county bar associations speak out on judicial independence

2014-05-07      Thousands of Attorneys and Judges to Gather in Atlantic City - New Jersey State Bar Association will Hold its Largest-Ever Annual Meeting

2014-05-01     NJSBA Celebrates Law Day 2014

2014-04-16     O'Donnell to receive Tischler Award for Achievements in Family Law

2014-04-11      NJSBA resolution urges constitutional amendment to protect judicial independence

2014-04-09     State Bar Association's LGBT Section Gives Weiss Lifetime Achievement Award

2014-04-02      President Lamparello Highlights the Critical Need for An Independent Judiciary

2014-03-17     Candidates Sought for Family Law Section Executive Committee

2014-03-06     NJSBA Task Force on Judicial Independence Announces Public Hearing Dates - April 1 in New Brunswick; May 15 in Atlantic City

2014-02-26      New Jersey State Bar Association Holds Solo and Small-Firm Conference - March 1 in Morristown, March 15 in Voorhees

2014-02-25     Edison High School Student Rohit Iyer Wins NJSBA’s Black History Month Trivia Contest

2014-02-20       New Jersey State Bar Association resolution calls for Chief Justice Rabner’s renomination

2014-02-18     2014 Municipal Court Practice Award nominations now open

2014-02-14     Hoens, Madden receive NJSBA’s McLaughlin Awards for civil trial achievement

2014-02-12     Overseas bar association seeks to model attorney training on NJICLE

2014-02-11       NJSBA President Ralph J. Lamparello statement on the selection of Paulette Brown as ABA President-Elect

2014-01-15       NJSBA urges Congress to reject proposed tax rule changes that would stifle law firms

2013-12-02       State Bar President to Help Swear-in New Attorneys in Trenton

2013-10-30       NJSBA President Names Remaining Judicial Independence Task Force Members

2013-10-28       Ralph J. Lamparello to receive Rodino Humanitarian Achievement Award

2013-10-18       Statement of New Jersey State Bar President Ralph J. Lamparello on the Garden State Equality v. Dow decision

2013-10-01      Judges Wefing and Gallipoli named as co-chairs of NJSBA Judicial Independence Task Force

2013-09-24      Task Force to focus on Judicial Independence

2013-08-16    Lamparello serves as President of State Bar Association

2013-08-12    Statement of Ralph J. Lamparello, President, New Jersey State Bar Association

2013-07-29    NJSBA President Lamparello's Op-Ed on Threats to Judicial Independence

2012-05-29    State Bar Association and New Jersey Judiciary kick off civics education project