Nominations sought for Dispute Resolution Section’s James B. Boskey Award - Deadline for submission is March 23

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January 24, 2022
For Immediate Release
Contact: Barbara Straczynski
NEW BRUNSWICK - The New Jersey State Bar Association’s Dispute Resolution Section is seeking nominations for this year’s recipient of the James B. Boskey Award. The Boskey Award, formerly called the ADR Practitioner of the Year Award, was renamed in honor and in memory of the late Prof. James B. Boskey, of Seton Hall University School of Law. He was an intellectual, humanitarian, law professor and mediator. For 10 years before his untimely death in 1999, he published The Alternative Newsletter, a resource guide on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) that provided a comprehensive window into the rapidly developing field of ADR. He enjoyed a national and international reputation and was considered by many as the voice of the ADR community.
The Dispute Resolution Section presents the Boskey Award annually to a practitioner in recognition of achievements in: (1) informing and educating the public about Alternative and Complementary Dispute Resolution techniques; (2) encouraging and promoting reform and modernization of our legal system, particularly as it relates to dispute resolution; (3) improving the relationship between members of the legal profession and the general public; (4) promoting and advancing  the goals and purposes of the Dispute Resolution Section, including service to and contributions to the Section, as set forth in Article I, Section 2 of the Section’s Bylaws; and/or (5) membership on committees appointed by the Supreme Court of New Jersey, or other committees and associations which address dispute resolution issues, and other service to the residents of the state of New Jersey. The Award is widely recognized as the highest honor that an individual can achieve in the development and practice of ADR in New Jersey. 
Any member of the New Jersey State Bar Association who serves as an ADR neutral or as an advocate in ADR proceedings, or who advocates in the public sphere to advance the cause of alternative dispute resolution in New Jersey (except for the current members of the Boskey Award Committee), is eligible. Self-nominations are permitted.
Prior recipients have been: Angela Foster (2021), Theodore K. Cheng (2020), Felicia T. Farber (2019), F. Peter Phillips (2018), David Weiss (2017), Amy Shimalla (2016), N. Janine Dickey (2015), Laura A. Kaster (2014), John R. Holsinger (2013), Hon. Linda R. Feinberg (2012), Hon. John J. Harper (2011), Hon. William A. Dreier (2010), Caroline Petrilla (2009), Richard Jeydel (2008, posthumously), Prof. Jonathan Hyman (2007), Barbara Weisman (2006), Suzanne M. McSorley (2005), Bonnie Blume Goldsamt (2004), Robert E. Margulies (2003), Holly C. Bakke (2002), Robert J. MacPherson (2001), Hon. Rosemary Higgins-Cass (2000); and as the ADR Practitioner of the Year Award, Hanan M. Isaacs (1999), Richard H. Steen (1998) and Robert S. Greenbaum (1997).
The Bylaws of the Dispute Resolution Section provide for the chair of the section to appoint the members of the Boskey Award Committee each year. The Committee’s composition and this year’s members are as follows:

• The chair of the Dispute Resolution Section (Andrew L. Smith) 
• An officer or member of the board of the section, who is to be the chair (Linda R. Feinberg)
• A member of the section who is neither an officer nor a board member (A. Rene Hollyer)
• Two past recipients of the award (Felicia T. Farber – 2019 Boskey Award Winner) and Robbie MacPherson - 2001 Boskey Award Winner)
• Chairs (or a chair’s designee) of two other sections or special committees of the NJSBA (Danielle E. Cohen, Construction Law Section, and James A. Lewis, Minorities In the Profession Section) 

Nominations should be sent:

Via EMAIL ONLY to: Barbara Straczynski, New Jersey State Bar Association
[email protected] 

The deadline for submission of nominations is March 23

Click here for the nomination form, which requires a statement of no more than 500 words describing why the nominee deserves the 2022 Boskey Award.