Message from the President on 2015 Bylaws Vote

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For Immediate Release
October 3, 2015
Contact: Kate Coscarelli
Senior Managing Director Communications
NJSBA -- Together: We succeed.

That slogan is emblazoned on a small coaster that sits on my desk. Over the years, I had looked at it so many times that had nearly gotten to the point where I no longer saw the words. But since assuming the role of NJSBA president, I have come to view those words with fresh eyes.

Serving as the president of this great organization, I am reminded how very true this statement is. That is exactly what I want to discuss here.
Together we have arrived at an important moment in the history of the NJSBA. We have the opportunity to change how we select leaders to guide us forward.
Monday morning, you will be asked to vote on a slate of proposed bylaws amendments.
I know we have been down this road of voting too many times before, but I urge you to continue to exercise your voice. This round of balloting is probably the most important we have held in recent years, because it is about the way this association functions, the way it is able to serve you.
The changes that are before you are ones you, our members, requested. They make the nomination process more transparent and any elections shorter and less intrusive, while still providing the opportunity for you to make informed decisions. 
We studied the options and devoted countless hours to considering the exigencies of each proposal offered. I, with the backing of the Board of Trustees, which represents a wide spectrum of constituencies across the association and legal community, see this as the best path for the future.
I urge you to visit and review the proposed bylaws and the policies that will guide the bylaws. As has recently been the case, the balloting will be administered by Intelliscan, Inc., and you can vote electronically or request a paper ballot. Voting is easy and will take only a few minutes of your time. Votes must be submitted by 5 p.m. on Oct. 26. 
I humbly ask you to vote ‘yes’ on the proposed bylaws amendments so that we can continue to succeed, together.

Click here for a video message from NJSBA President Winder explaining why you should vote 'yes.'