NJSBA President Domenick Carmagnola releases statement on the New Jersey Supreme Court’s inaugural Action Plan for Ensuring Equal Justice

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September 1, 2021
For Immediate Release
Contact: Kate Coscarelli
NEW BRUNSWICK - Statement of NJSBA President Domenick Carmagnola on the New Jersey Supreme Court's inaugural Action Plan for Ensuring Equal Justice, which identified nine items aimed at eliminating disparities within the court system and removing institutional obstacles to justice. 
The New Jersey State Bar Association applauds the New Jersey Supreme Court for its continued attention to racial and ethnic fairness and to improving equity in the courts as outlined in its recently issued update on its action plan for ensuring equal justice. Achieving equal justice under the law is crucial to the judicial process and to public confidence in our justice system. We look forward to working with the courts and providing additional feedback as they move forward with the specifics of the nine initiatives outlined in the report.