A Message from NJSBA President Paris P. Eliades, Esq. - Delay on Guidelines for Use of Electronic Devices in Courtrooms

For Immediate Release

Kate Coscarelli
Sr. Managing Director, Communications

I am happy to share with you some good news. Today the New Jersey Supreme Court agreed to delay the implementation of a key aspect of the new guidelines that affect every attorney’s use of electronic devices in courtrooms throughout the state.
In its announcement, the Court credited the NJSBA and others with raising valid concerns “about the processing and other administrative details of the requirement.”
This is but one powerful example of the many worthy causes the NJSBA undertakes to improve the lives of its members and the profession as a whole.
Specifically, after hearing from many of you and upon evaluating the issues, we voiced our concerns surrounding the requirement that attorneys must carry a signed agreement at all times in order to use electronic devices in court for reasons other than broadcasting, recording or photographing court proceedings. Our letter set forth the myriad uses these devices serve while we wait for our matters to be heard. The Court considered those concerns and, with the grace that has become the hallmark of this Court, decided to delay the effective date of the directive. At present, no new date has been set.
While the Court has temporarily suspended this requirement, the other aspects of the directive will become effective on Feb. 2. The NJSBA expressly supports the commendable goals of the guidelines to provide public access to the courts while meaningfully addressing advancements in technology.