NJSBA-supported legislation becomes law

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Kate Coscarelli
Sr. Managing Director, Communications

NEW BRUNSWICK: Several measures the New Jersey State Bar Association supported have been signed into law, including a measure that updates the state's alimony laws which the association viewed as a high priority and focused resources to find a solution that makes common-sense changes that will aid New Jersey residents. The NJSBA also applauds the enactment of these laws that establish the Family Collaborative Law Act, prohibit notarios from representing themselves as attorneys and much more. 

These are the bills:

ACS for A-845, 971, 1649/SCS for S-488, 1808 - Establishes durational limits and enumerates certain factors concerning modification and termination of alimony; establishes "open durational" alimony

A-1423/S-2043 - Prohibits notaries public from falsely representing themselves as attorneys in advertisments

A-1477/S-1224 - Establishes the "New Jersey Family Collaborative Law Act"

A-2280/S-1305 - Requires certain police vehicles to be equipped with cameras

Click here to read the Governor's release that includes this legislation.

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