Call For Nominations for Leadership Positions Within the NJSBA Bankruptcy Law Section

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September 15, 2020
Contact: Paula Saha
The New Jersey State Bar Association is seeking candidates for leadership positions with a two-year term within the Bankruptcy Law Section, as follows: 

Chair, who leads the Section;  
Chair-Elect, who assists the chair; 
Vice Chair, who coordinates with the chair and section officers and assists with committees and projects;  
Vice Chair-Elect, who assists the vice chair;  
Secretary, who keeps the Section’s records, including a regular financial report; and  
Secretary-Elect, who will assist the secretary. 

Candidates must be NJSBA members who are also members of the Bankruptcy Law Section.
The Bankruptcy Law Section is generally devoted to state and federal bankruptcy issues, including conducting educational programs for Section members within the field of Creditor and Debtor Rights among other issues of concern to state and federal bankruptcy practitioners, distributing information of interest to Section members, and seeking to improve the services provided by and skills of all bankruptcy law attorneys in New Jersey.
To be considered for nomination to any of these positions, please forward no later than September 30, 2020, a letter indicating your interest in serving as a chair or another officer and a professional biography to Paula Saha at [email protected]