Association urges action to fill vacancies on federal bench

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May 4, 2018
Contact: Paula Saha
Director of Communications

NEW BRUNSWICK - The New Jersey State Bar Association wrote to the President and New Jersey's senators urging them to act quickly to nominate and approve qualified candidates to fill vacancies on the District Court of New Jersey, which is already facing a judicial emergency.
"The District of New Jersey currently has three vacancies and is already in "emergency status" under the criteria established by the Judicial Conference of the United States. Three more vacancies are anticipated later this year when two judges retire, and one obtains senior status. While the number of judges hearing cases is decreasing, the number of cases is increasing. In 2017, 16,694 cases were filed in the District Court, representing a 47% increase from the number of filings in 2016, more than New Jersey's neighboring Southern and Eastern Districts of New York."
"...With the current vacancies and the number, complexity and time sensitivity of these matters, other, more routine matters pending before the District Court are delayed unnecessarily......That means the right of average citizens to have their disputes adjudicated in an efficient and effective manner in the federal courts is being denied."
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