NJSBA and several bar groups oppose border policies that are separating families, offer help

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June 26, 2018
Contact: Paula Saha

Director of Communications and Media Relations
NEW BRUNSWICK - Seven New Jersey bar associations have written to administration officials opposing the policies in place at the southern border that have led to families being separated. They say the matter requires nuanced and careful solutions to provide due process and reunite families.
"We as Americans hold dear the concepts that government action must be subordinate to the safeguards of due process and a public, fair and impartial hearing," the letter reads. "The current approach to border safety serves no legitimate purpose, is clearly punitive in nature and offends every one of the basic principles we hold dear."
The letter is signed by:
John E. Keefe Jr., President, New Jersey State Bar Association;
Jack Chan, President, Asian Pacific Lawyers Association of New Jersey; 
Carolyn V. Chang, President, Association of Black Women Lawyers of New Jersey; 
William T. Rogers III, President-Elect, Garden State Bar Association;
Hector Ruiz, President, Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey; 
Ehsan F. Chowdhry, President, New Jersey Muslim Lawyers Association; 
Sharmila D. Jaipersaud, President, South Asian Bar Association of New Jersey.
Read the letter in its entirety