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Daniel J. O’Hern and Charles J. Hollenbeck Award Recipients
When I became a lawyer, I was acutely aware of the power being granted to me to affect the lives of others. I recognized it as an awesome strength afforded me, unavailable to the average citizen. To be a lawyer was truly something special.  But with power and authority comes responsibility. We are responsible to exercise that power given to us in a civil, kind, respectful, fair and considerate manner. That, to me, is the essence of professionalism.
Jay Greenblatt
2003 Daniel J. O'Hern Award
“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Follow the rules of Professional Conduct and the New Jersey Rules of Practice, keep up with the law, give of your time and be respectful and candid to judges,  lawyers, clients, and everyone else.
Cynthia M. Jacob
2007 Daniel J. O'Hern Award
Professionalism is a combination of understanding the law, being able to explain it to a client, being respectful to everyone involved in the judicial process, being helpful to adversaries where permitted, and never taking an unfair advantage or being less than truthful in dealings with everyone with whom you come into contact.
Raymond S. Londa
2008 Daniel J. O'Hern Award
Respect, Candor and Courtesy
Respect: There should be a conscious effort for lawyers to respect everyone even when it appears to be difficult. Disrespect is rarely justified or productive.
Candor: Lawyers should always be candid to adversaries, courts and clients. Omissions, misrepresentations and misimpressions must be avoided. A bad truth is better than a good fib.
Courtesy: Civility, good manner and considerations. The problem is when adversaries, courts and others are not respectful, candid or courteous.
Carl Poplar
2011 Daniel J. O'Hern Award
Follow Saint Mother Teresa’s example and words “God gave you two hands, one to help yourself, one to help others.” Professionalism helps lawyers help others.
Thomas R. Curtin
2015 Daniel J. O'Hern Award

I have found that colleagues whether known from the county or state bar association or just from waiting in the court hallways, are always willing to share knowledge and expertise. Whether you are a solo practitioner, in government or a big firm, you never need to go it alone in this wonderful profession.
Diane Smith
2015 Charles J. Hollenbeck Award
In my view, the essence of professionalism is Respect - respect for the position you hold and respect for all those with whom you come in contact, even if it is in an adversarial relationship.  We should fight hard for our clients, but we should never make it personal.  We should fight about the facts, but we should not fight and attack each other.
John Fietkiewicz
2017 Charles J. Hollenbeck Award
The essence  of professionalism is to “ Treat everyone, clients, adversaries, court personnel and the Judiciary as you would like to be treated”.....
Richard J. Badolato
2018 Daniel J. O'Hern Award
Professionalism means not exposing or exploiting the shortcomings, infirmities or mistakes of our adversaries or of the Court to embarrass or gain an advantage.  As a prosecutor, it means conducting myself in a manner that far exceeds the minimum standards set forth governing ethics and conduct.  It means treating everyone “fairly, impartially, and justly,” all the time and everywhere, without regard to their position, status or role in the proceedings.
Tracy Thompson
2019 Charles J. Hollenbeck Award
Professional Advice: Your credibility is your greatest asset.
Despite all the technology which is available to attorneys, at the end of the day law is still a “people business” and it is a lawyer’s ability to interact with people that brings about positive results. Lawyers engage in a form of advocacy in the courtroom, in a boardroom, in a prosecutor’s office, in a meeting with adversaries or during a mediation or arbitration. To be an effective advocate, a lawyer has to be deemed credible and trustworthy. There is no case, no client or no cause that is worth losing your reputation for being honest and trustworthy. A lawyer’s credibility is his or hers most precious asset and you can lose in an hour what it took years or decades to build up.
Joseph A. Hayden Jr.
2020 Daniel J. O’Hern Award
If you win a case, be humble. If you lose a case, be graceful.
Sabrina G. Comizzoli
2020 Charles J. Hollenbeck Award Recipient