Vendors wishing to explore a member benefit or affinity relationship with the NJSBA must meet and agree to the criteria outlined in the NJSBA Member Benefit Program Policy.

All proposals should be submitted in writing to:

Lauren Von Euw
Director of Membership
New Jersey State Bar Association
One Constitution Square
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1520

 NJSBA Member Benefit Program Policy

  1. The benefit offered must be of significant interest to a wide range of NJSBA members.
  2. The proposed vendor must have the capacity (a) to offer the product or service to NJSBA members, and (b) to service said members.
  3. The proposed benefit must be appropriate for the NJSBA to undertake and must be related to some aspect of the practice of law and/or the life of an attorney.
  4. The benefit program must not conflict with the general purposes of the NJSBA or any of its established policies.
  5. The cost for the benefit must be lower than that available to the general public.
  6. The product or service must be of high quality and the vendor must maintain a reputation for honesty, reliability and voluntary compliance with the law.
  7. The direct and indirect costs related to developing and administering the program shall be assumed by the vendor to the extent possible. In any case, to the extent possible, the vendor shall be responsible for costs related to the promotion of the program to the membership. As part of the promotion, the vendor shall assume costs related to a minimum of one major mailing to the NJSBA promoting the benefit each year.
  8. The NJSBA shall have final copy approval on any and all promotional literature prepared by the vendor. No copy may be published or distributed without approval of the NJSBA Executive Director.
  9. The approval of such programs shall in no way imply NJSBA endorsement of vendors, products and/or services over similar products or services offered by other vendors.
  10. Each proposed benefit will be reviewed and recommended by the NJSBA Membership Committee and must be approved by the NJSBA Board of Trustees.
  11. All terms of the benefit program must be set forth in a written agreement between the NJSBA and the vendor. This agreement shall include a specific expiration date and options to continue. In addition, the vendor must agree to hold the NJSBA harmless from any claims arising out of, or related to, the vendor's service or product, or the offering thereof.
  12. NJSBA may provide vendor with mailing labels or mailing information on a diskette to be used in promoting approved products or services to NJSBA members. The vendor's rights are not transferable or assignable, and the use of labels or the information on a diskette is authorized solely for the purpose expressed in the agreement between the NJSBA and the vendor. Such labels or mailing information may be provided for the exclusive, one-time only use by vendor.

Any vendor seeking to receive NJSBA approval of a proposed benefit shall provide a written proposal, including:

  1. a full description of the proposed services or products;
  2. suggested retail, actual retail, and proposed NJSBA prices;
  3. proposed marketing and promotional costs to be assumed by vendor;
  4. explanation of the marketing plan and sample artwork or brochure, letters, etc.;
  5. amount and terms of income/administrative allowance to be paid to the NJSBA;
  6. name of the vendor's contact person;
  7. explanation of the implementation plan and time line for implementation;
  8. information on similar association or group sponsored programs offered by the vendor including names and telephone numbers of administrators at each association or group;
  9. information concerning quality of the product or service offered by the vendor; and
  10. any other relevant information