Government Affairs

Government Affairs

The New Jersey State Bar Association's award-winning, nationally recognized Government Relations program, first established over thirty years ago, advocates on behalf of NJSBA members. As the voice of New Jersey Attorneys, the NJSBA works closely with the Legislature, the governor and others on civil liability, judicial administration, budgetary issues, and other legislation that impacts the practice of law.

To reach the NJSBA's Government Advocacy Department, click here to see the members of the department who can help you with your inquiry.

For more information about our legislative policy and procedures see the Legislative Policy page.

Legislative Position Information

The NJSBA's over 80 sections, committees and divisions dedicate tremendous resources to reviewing legislation and discussing the ramifications to their clients and the practice of law on each measure. The Legislative Committee is also charged with reviewing the bills and making recommendations about advocacy. The Trustees, the association's governing body, reviews and considers all of the recommendations and votes on a path for action.

The NJSBA provides a weekly review of action in Trenton through its Capitol Report.

Legislative Advocacy Resources

To further advocacy efforts, the NJSBA has developed resources that will help you learn more about the legislative process. Learn more about how to be an effective advocate.

Attorney Members of the State Legislature

New Jersey Legislature

State of New Jersey - Governor Phil Murphy

Legislative Process Webinar