Grassroots Advocacy

Grassroots Advocacy

The NJSBA uses several grassroots advocacy methods, including the Key Contact Network and County Bar Legislative Chairs.

Key Contact Network

The NJSBA’s Key Contact Network is a database maintained by the Government Affairs Department, listing NJSBA members, trustees, former trustees, section/committee chairs and others who have personal and/or professional relationships with legislators and other government officials. At important times during the passage of high priority legislation, our Government Affairs Department staff may contact these “key individuals” to ask that they write or call key legislators to advance and express their support of the NJSBA’s position.
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County Bar Legislative Chairs

The County Bar Legislative Chairs are designated by each county bar association to promote coordination and cooperation between the State Bar Association and county bars, and to serve as an important resource on the local and county level in building grassroots support for NJSBA legislative initiatives.
The County Bar Legislative Chair is the county bar representative who receives information on legislative issues, and may help develop county bar association policy on legislation. Each County Bar Legislative Chair is invited to attend a yearly training orientation on legislation and will work with county bar presidents, executive directors and the NJSBA’s county trustees to advance NJSBA’s advocacy agenda.
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