2022 Diversity Summit Materials

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About The Program (Presented Live on 10/6/22):

Diversity has been a buzzword in the legal profession for decades.  Some would say the gradual shifts in attorney demographics demonstrate progress in both the bench and the bar. But what is meaningful progress? What do the numbers tell us about representation across the profession? Perhaps more critically, what can’t they tell us?  How do we identify statistical or performative -- but not significant -- changes?  Does data belie the lived experiences of attorneys of color and other historically marginalized groups? What practice areas are, or are perceived to be, particularly non-diverse and why? And how does the makeup of our bench and bar impact the public as they seek fair and equitable treatment in our system of justice?

On Oct. 6, 2002, the New Jersey State Bar Association explored these questions and more at our Annual 2022 Diversity Summit. 

Download The Program Materials: 
Click here to download the program materials: https://tcms.njsba.com/PersonifyEbusiness/stage/DiversitySummit2022Materials.pdf