Diversity Committee


Diversity Committee Mission Statement
The NJSBA Diversity Committee works with the entire NJSBA community to support the mission and vision of the 
NJSBA, and to ensure that diversity, in its many forms, is understood, respected and valued. The NJSBA Diversity Committee will guide efforts to conceptualize, assess, and cultivate diversity as an institutional and educational resource. The NJSBA works to promote equality in the profession and justice system and identifies ways in which the NJSBA can promote diversity in the practice of law. The NJSBA Diversity Committee seeks to collaborate with all sections and committees to ensure the full and equal access to and participation by individuals in the NJSBA, the legal profession and in the justice system regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.


Arielle Adler
Lowenstein Sandler LLP
One Lowenstein Drive
Roseland, NJ 07068

Albertina Webb
Hill Wallack LLP
2 Bridge Avenue
Suite 211
Red Bank, NJ 07701

Committee Members

Janice Arellano
Jeffrey Bernstein
Lisa R. Burke
Dean L. Burrell
Joanne L. Butler
Melinda Colon Cox
Monica De Los Rios
Crystal W. Edwards
Leslie A. Farber
Jeffrey Fiorello
Lora L. Fong
Norberto A. Garcia
Robyn B. Gigl
Ayesha Krishnan Hamilton
Kisha Hebbon
Valerie A. Jackson
Leonard V. Jones
Emily A. Kaller
Christopher J. Keating
Roger Lai
Diana-Marie Laventure
James A. Lewis V
Joseph L. Linares
Eugenia Lynch
Brenda Maneri
Carmen Mendiola
Mariel M. Mercado-Guevara
Jessica Merejo
Ileana Montes
Adam H. Morsy
Susan L. Nardone
Gigio Ninan
Samuel J. Perez
Thomas H. Prol
Jeyanthi C. Rajaraman
William T. Rogers III
Rajeh A. Saadeh
Andrew J. Sarrol
Cheyne R. Scott
Hon. Marcia Silva
G. Glenn Troublefield
Maria P. Vallejo
Amy Vasquez
Daryl Williams
Brett Yore
Dalya Youssef