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Committees Available:
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Animal Law Provides a forum for members to exchange ideas, study and understand laws, regulations and case law pertaining to all areas of animal law; monitor legislation relating to animals; publish informational brochures on legal issues pertaining to animals; and hold seminars and lectures on various animal law issues.
Antitrust Law The Antitrust Law Committee monitors developments in antitrust law, provides updates of same and recommends modifications to antitrust-related regulations.
Appellate Practice The Appellate Practice Committee addresses all issues which affect practices and procedures in the Appellate Division and Supreme Court of New Jersey, including, but not limited to, commenting on proposed amendments to court rules; promoting an open and ongoing exchange of views with appellate judges and court administrators; and sponsoring cooperative efforts between the Bench and the Association in order to enhance the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of justice at the appellate level.
Automobile Litigation and No Fault The Automobile Litigation and No Fault Committee addresses the legal issues and practice related to handling no fault claims, and the practice and trial of auto collision cases. The Committee also monitors and comments on legislation involving automobile insurance, including no-fault, tort thresholds and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. The Committee hosts educational programs and meetings in order to exchange information and gain insight into the handling of motor vehicle related matters.
Aviation Law Aviation Law Committee examines legal and general aviation issues, including those of interest to aviation enthusiasts who don’t necessarily practice in the specialty.
Business and Commercial Litigation The Business and Commercial Litigation Committee continues to examine the need for specialized complementary dispute resolution for business disputes, education of the bench and bar in this area, the continuing goal to create a Business Part in the Law Division of the Superior Court, and to generally work with the courts to ensure that the needs of business clients are being met.
Cannabis Law Cannabis Law
Class Actions Addresses substantive and procedural issues involving class action lawsuits including legislation, programming, rule changes, new filings and settlements and so forth.
Consumer Protection Law Addresses consumer protection issues and legislation from the consumer's perspective.
Diversity Standing Committee Diversity Standing Committee
Election Law The Election Law Committee monitors developments in election law, including laws pertaining to New Jersey gubernatorial elections; public financing of legislative campaigns; funding for the Election Law Enforcement Commission; and campaign disclosure laws regarding various entities and persons. The committee also makes comments and/or recommendations when appropriate.
Equity Jurisprudence The Equity Jurisprudence Committee provides programs designed to improve the skills of Association members when practicing before the General Equity Courts of New Jersey, and facilitates interaction between the general equity judiciary and the Association.
Ethics Diversionary Program The Ethics Diversionary Program Committee develops the structure and content of the Ethics Diversionary Program components and monitors the respondents' participation and fulfillment of their assigned diversion in the program.
Fidelity and Surety Law Monitors and provides updates on developments in fidelity and surety law, both legislative and judicial, and makes recommendations on proposed changes.
Franchise Law The Franchise Law Committee establishes a forum where practitioners in this specialized area of the law may meet, network, show information and discuss developments and suggest improvements in franchise law.
Government, Public Sector and Public Interest Lawyers The Government, Public Sector and Public Interest Lawyers Committee provides a forum for lawyers from all segments of public employment in New Jersey to discuss particular needs and issues related to their area of work.
Higher Education The Higher Education Committee addresses issues of concern to attorneys representing colleges and universities, including denial of tenure, student discipline, discrimination claims, immigration questions and restriction of commercial speech.
In-House Counsel The New Jersey State Bar Association’s In-House Counsel Committee is comprised of in-house lawyers of the NJSBA. The Mission of the Committee is: to provide opportunities for professional development for its members; to serve as a forum for best practice sharing; to increase networking among in-house counsel and with private practice counsel; and to work with the NJSBA/NJICLE on programming, training, services or other organizational issues that affect in-house counsel generally. The In-House Counsel Committee is a support network of attorneys who work in-house at corporations and non-profit organizations. The Committee establishes programs and resources geared toward providing growth and development opportunities, presenting networking and mentoring opportunities, helping to establish and foster partnership and collaboration among in-house attorneys, helping to foster communications between in-house attorneys and private practice counsel, developing practical skills and offering needed training with a specific focus on the needs of in-house attorneys. The Committee will collaborate with the sections and committees of the New Jersey State Bar Association to supplement and enhance the benefits, programs and services offered to its entire membership.NULL
Insurance Defense The Insurance Defense Committee is dedicated to discussing issues of importance to the insurance defense bar, particularly with regard to automobile insurance including no-fault, tort thresholds, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and arbitration. The committee will be asked to provide comments to the NJSBA Board of Trustees on pending legislation, potential amicus curiae matters, proposed court rules and any other matter affecting insurance defense.
Intellectual Property Law Provides information and education on developments in patent, trademark, copyright law and unfair competition.
International Law and Organizations The International Law and Organizations Committee concentrates on transnational, international and comparative law including transnational litigation and arbitration, public international law, international trade and investment and property and estate matters.
Internet and Computer Law The Internet and Computer Law Committee develops an understanding of the latest technological developments in computers and laws that govern their operation, and disseminates information on such laws when appropriate.
Lawyer Well-Being Monitors and promotes the professional well-being of attorneys and proposes programs designed to treat and educate attorneys for positive satisfaction with their lives and careers.
Lawyers in Transition The Committee on Lawyers in Transition establishes programs and resources geared toward providing career and job services, presenting networking and mentoring opportunities, helping to establish and foster partnership and collaboration among attorneys, developing practical skills and offering needed training. The Committee collaborates with the sections and committees of the New Jersey State Bar Association to supplement and enhance the benefits, programs and services offered.
Legal Education The Legal Education Committee recommends reforms in legal education and works to maintain and strengthen the working relationship between the Association and the three law schools in New Jersey: Rutgers - Newark, Rutgers - Camden and Seton Hall.
Malpractice Insurance The Malpractice Insurance Committee monitors developments in malpractice insurance law and disseminates information to Association members devoted to loss prevention work.
Maritime and Admiralty Law Maritime and Admiralty Law Committee looks at cargo interests, issues and trends in legal issues involving the ports, as well as recreational activities
Media Law The Media Law Committee monitors, studies and comments upon developments in or relating to media and communications law with the aim of improving the level of practice, providing continuing legal education opportunities through programs and conferences and disseminating timely information on evolving issues.
Medical Malpractice The Medical Malpractice Committee monitors case law and legislative developments in medical malpractice law and disseminates information to Association members.
Paralegal The Paralegal Committee encourages the positive development and advancement of the paralegal profession in New Jersey. The committee promotes opportunities to educate both attorneys and the public on the appropriate use of paralegals in a legal setting, and facilitates continuing legal education for paralegals.
Privacy Law The Privacy Law Committee provides a forum for discussion and information about sophisticated and practical concepts of privacy law, information security and data protection and how they impact a broad spectrum of law.
Public Finance Law Public Finance Law
Renewable Energy Cleantech and Climate Change The committee monitors ongoing developments in the renewable energy initiatives, green building and energy efficient technologies, and issues related to mitigating the impact of climate change, and how they impact the practice of law.
School Law The School Law Committee monitors developments in education law, provides update of same and recommends modifications to education law-related regulations.
Securities Law The Securities Law Committee pursues matters affecting businesses, public companies, broker/dealers and the investing public in New Jersey. The committee pursues excellence in the practice of securities litigation through cooperative efforts with federal and state law enforcement officials, encourages positive developments in the law, and engages in educating the bar and the public.
Senior Lawyers The Senior Lawyers Committee addresses issues of interest to Association members age 60 and over, such as how to practice law more productively and retirement planning, including financial aspects.
Special Civil Part The Special Civil Part Committee identifies problems in the Special Civil Part and recommends a remedial course of action, including rule changes, alternative or complementary dispute resolution and greater uniformity.

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