Bylaws Vote 2016

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Voting Results
Bylaws Amendments Adopted

Intelliscan Inc., which administered the recent voting on proposals to update and modernize the New Jersey State Bar Association's bylaws, reported the results of voting as follows: 
The amendments received:  
1,694 yes votes; and
141 no votes.
The proposal passed, receiving the necessary two-thirds majority required for adoption.
Voting began March 28 and concluded at 5 p.m. today. Roughly 16,700 general members of the state bar association were eligible to vote. Voters could cast their ballot either electronically or using a paper ballot. 
A total of 1,840 votes were cast, and of those five did not successfully cast a vote and are considered abstentions. 
The bylaws amendments will be effective immediately. They:
Are precise, consistent and, most importantly, easy for members to read and use. The changes are meant to create a clear, cohesive document that will effectively guide the NJSBA forward.
Some of the changes are cosmetic, like reorganizing sections of the bylaws to make sure relevant information could all be found together. While other areas are organizational, such as consolidating all of the information related to the Board of Trustees or committees into specific articles rather than scattered throughout the document. Still others go to the heart of how business is conducted, including adjusting who pays dues in order to ensure the financial health of the NJSBA in the future and clarifying that in some instances decisions can be made electronically. Finally, much of the information that was more practical and administrative was moved to the NJSBA Policy Manual in order to provide a streamlined bylaw document that best serves the long-term needs of the Association. Indeed, this approach was specifically recommended by the nationally recognized, independent expert, Nancy Sylvester, whom the NJSBA Board of Trustees retained to guide them throughout this process.