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Below is a sample list of featured programs from prior Leadership Academy terms
Topics are subject to change  

Take Control of Your Career
This interactive session introduces skills and tips attendees can use to become active drivers of their own career success rather than simply doing good work and waiting – or hoping - for advancement and career satisfaction. The customized program will include takeaway action items for every participant.
The NJSBA: A Primer 
An inside look at the New Jersey State Bar Association and how all the different parts work together to improve the profession and the fair administration of justice. 
How to Communicate with others for Maximum Impact 
Fellows will take part in the TypeCoach Influence Course, a highly interactive workshop in which participants learn how to apply personality type to drive career and business results. Led by Elise Holtzman, of The Lawyer’s Edge, experienced and emerging leaders learn to maximize their natural strengths, improve in challenge areas, and influence others.
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Diversity, equity and inclusion are neither talking points nor convenient add-ons when it comes to leadership. Rather, understanding and executing these ideas are a crucial competency for leadership in the 21st Century. This program will provide participants with a toolkit that includes training on implicit biases, culturally responsive practices, inclusive actions and ways to combat systemic racism no matter your background or identity.
A Conversation with the Judiciary
Fellows will have the opportunity to meet and interact with some of New Jersey’s well-respected jurists, and learn about the paths to their positions.
The Future: The Legal Profession and Beyond
Hear from leaders of the profession about hot topics in the profession, everything from emerging practice areas to technology, artificial intelligence, blockchain and cybersecurity in the work of attorneys. We’ll cover everything from the basic business model of a law firm and how it is changing to national issues like the non-lawyer ownership of law firms. We’ll also look at important trends for the future.
Serving on a Board
Lawyers are always needed to serve on boards in the community. Why do it? It’s a great opportunity to work with a leadership team to benefit a good cause. Learn how it will help you be a stronger advocate and better represent your clients by expanding your knowledge base about the issues facing your community and helping to shape the world around you.
Communications NOW: A Hands-On Workshop 
Get hands-on tips and feedback on your presentation skills in every mode of communication, as well as a deep dive into the current media landscape and how to navigate it to benefit you, your practice and your clients. 
Public Sector, Government & Non-Profit Work
The path to leadership in the legal profession flows through more than just the private law firm. Take a deep dive into public sector, government & non-profit work and converse with leaders who have gone back and forth in the various arenas of the profession. 
Conversations with Trenton
Learn more about the legislative process, including the role of the NJSBA Government Affairs department/efforts. Meet with Trenton insiders about the process of policymaking and more.