Finance and Operations Committee

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Oversees the preparation of the annual budget, recommends same to the Board of Trustees and conducts a public hearing on the budget at the Annual Meeting. In addition, upon request of the Board of Trustees, considers the financial impact of any proposal being considered by the Association.

Christine Amalfe
Gibbons P.C.
One Gateway Center
Newark, NJ 07102-5310
Kristyl Berckes
Domenick Carmagnola
David Edelberg
Kathleen Barnett Einhorn
Thomas P. Fischer
Diana N. Fredericks
Norberto A. Garcia
Ayesha Krishnan Hamilton
Janice L. Heinold
Jeralyn L. Lawrence
Diana C. Manning
Timothy F. McGoughran
William H. Mergner Jr.
Evelyn Padin
Jodi L. Rosenberg
Robert C. Scrivo
Shirley B. Whitenack
Kimberly A. Yonta