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2018 Mid-Year Meeting

November 3 - 10

The Westin Excelsior, Rome



Mid-Year Meeting attendees can earn up to 12 valuable continuing legal education credits at a slate of programs, exploring the hottest issues facing New Jersey attorneys, with a Roman flair.
Can You Do That in Criminal Court? Crimes and Misdemeanors in New Jersey and Rome
Does the defendant have the right to remain silent? Is there a right to a jury? Who can appeal a criminal conviction? Criminal trials in Italy are very different from criminal trials in New Jersey. Join us for a fun, interactive seminar with lawyers and judges from both sides of the ocean as they answer your questions about criminal trials in Rome.
Crossing the Rubicon in Your Professional Life: Legal Decisions that Changed the Course of History
When Julius Caesar crossed that now famous body of water, he knew that he was making an irreversible decision: If he brought his troops into Italy, he would violate his role as a provincial authority and would essentially declare himself an enemy of the state and the senate, sparking civil war. However, if he did not bring his troops into Italy, Caesar would have been forced to relinquish his command and probably sent into exile, giving up his military glory and political future. We all face those difficult decisions at times in our career – a decision that we know will miraculously save a client’s case or mortally wound it. This program will explore the real-life history of Caesar’s decision and take a look at cases in which lawyers and judges, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad, crossed a bridge of no return.
O, Sole Mio: Family Law Update 2018
What happens when “my one and only” turns into “Arrivederci, Roma?” This program will explore the hottest topics in family law in New Jersey and in Rome.
The Italian Job, Part Dué: A Look at Employers’ and Workers’ Rights in Italy and the United States
In an update to the popular program from the NJSBA’s last visit to Rome, this program examines Labor and Employment Law through the eyes of Italian workers and employers and compares Italian and European laws to those in the United States.
When in Rome Do as the Romans Do: Civil Litigation in Italy 
Amerian civil suits don’t necessarily translate well in Italian courts. Find out about litigation Italian style, as we explore the Italian legal system and compare it to lawsuits in New Jersey.
Additional Programs:
     • Hot Tips for Hot Litigators: Italian Edition
     • International Law and the European Union
     • Setting Our Sights on Gun Law: The European Perspective
     • Estate Planning for the Medicis and Other High Net-Worth Families
     • Mediation Matters: How to Divide the Three Coins in the Fountain and Settling Other Difficult Cases