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2018 Mid-Year Meeting

November 3 - 10

The Westin Excelsior, Rome



Mid-Year Meeting attendees can earn up to 12 valuable continuing legal education credits at a slate of programs, exploring the hottest issues facing New Jersey attorneys, with a Roman flair.
Trials and Tribulations: What We Can Learn from Famous Italian Trials
Take a tour of Roman history without leaving the hotel. Join New Jersey justices and judges as they take us on a quick journey through some of the most famous trials in Italian history: the trials of St. Peter and St. Paul – both tried and executed in Rome; Savonarola - the medieval priest, heretic and mystic who was put through a famous “trial by fire” for heresy (he didn’t make it); the trial of Galileo; the trial and execution of Mussolini and his mistress, Claretta Petacci; the trials of Mafiosi in Sicily in the last twenty years…which helped to eradicate the Mob (but not entirely); and the (six) trials of Silvio Berlusconi. Last but not least, the panel will explore the trials of Sacco and Vanzetti – Italian-born American anarchists who were controversially convicted of murder and sentenced to death. Hear about the details, the politics and the lessons that these trials can teach us today.
Chief Justice James R. Zazzali (Ret.)
Gibbons, PC, Newark
Justice Virginia A. Long (Ret.)
Fox Rothschild, LLP, Princeton
Hon. John Keefe Sr. (Ret.)
Keefe Law Firm, Red Bank
Equal Coins in the Fountain: How Pay Equity Laws Are Changing Salaries in New Jersey and Around the World 
This seminar will discuss one of the hottest employment law topics of 2018: the changes to gender equity laws in New Jersey and the USA, including the latest on New Jersey’s groundbreaking pay equity law. This will also include a comparison of American laws with the latest gender equity laws in Italy and Europe, as presented by an Italian-based “avvocato” (lawyer).
Peter L. Frattarelli, Esq.
Archer & Greiner, PC, Haddonfield
Paulette Brown, Esq., former ABA President
Locke Lord, LLP, Princeton
John L. Shahdanian II, Esq.
Chasan Lamparello Mallon & Cappuzzo, PC, Secaucus
Avv. Roberto Podda
K&L Gates, Milan, Italy
Suggerimenti Calde - Hot Tips in Civil Litigation 2018 
Hon. Peter F. Bariso Jr., A.J.S.C., Hudson
John V. Mallon, Esq. 
Chasan Lamparello Mallon & Capuzzo, PC, Secaucus
Arbitration Advice from Rome to Red Bank 
Join us for a sequel to last year’s popular program as expert lawyers and judges tackle the latest issues in arbitration. Representing a client in an arbitration may sometimes feel like a fight in the coliseum. Hear from expert gladiators – judges and lawyers – as they discuss tips for a successful arbitration. Topics include an update on the new rules, selecting the arbitrator, preparing your client for testimony, how to make the most convincing arguments and more. They’ll show you how to avoid getting bludgeoned so that you emerge victorious.
Hon. Glenn Berman, J.S.C. (Ret.) 
Greenbaum Rowe Smith & Davis, LLP, Woodbridge
Hon. Deanne Wilson (Ret.)
Resolutions, LLC, Mendham
Ilan Hirschfeld, CPA/ABV/CFF, MBA
Marcum, LLP
Diana C. Manning, Esq.
Bressler Amery & Ross, PC, Florham Park
LDA: What’s the Number?
This session will explore the factors used under the statute to determine the duration of alimony that is not open durational, whether agreed upon by counsel or determined by the Court. Hear a panel of sitting judges and attorneys help define the path to success. Skilled forensics explain the use of “present value” in creating a hybrid for shorter terms matched with a partial lump sum payment. 
Timothy F. McGoughran, Esq. , NJSBA Secretary
Law Office of Timothy F. McGoughran, Ocean 
Michael A. Weinberg, Esq.
Archer & Greiner, PC, Haddonfield
Hon. Peter J. Melchionne, P.J.F.P., Bergen
Hon. Madelin F. Einbinder, P.J.F.P, Ocean
Hon. Mark T. Janeczko, J.S.C., Bergen
Hon. Thomas P. Zampino (Ret.)
Snyder Sarno D’Aniello Maceri & DaCostal, LLC, Roseland
Tanya L. Freeman, Esq.   
Tanya L. Freeman Attorney at Law, Parsippany
Thomas J. Hoberman, CPA/ABV/CFF
Withum Smith +Brown, Princeton
Injunctions from Cape May to the Via Condotti
Hon. Harriet E. Derman (Ret.)
Di Francesco Bateman Kunzman Davis Lehrer & Flaum, PC, Warren
Hon. Thomas M. Moore, J.S.C., Essex
Ethically Marketing Your Practice: How to Avoid Being La Traviata
Like a great opera, marketing requires both power and fine tuning: you need a strong message and interesting story to keep your firm name in the public arena, but also fine tuning to ensure you stay within the ethics rules. This program will help you do both so that you bring in business without becoming La Traviata – the fallen one.
Kenneth A. Vercammen, Esq.
Kenneth Vercammen & Associates, PC, Edison
Federal Practice Tips on Your Roman Holiday  
Take some time away from your “Roman Holiday” to sharpen your American practice skills. Join the Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey and seasoned federal practitioners as they provide you with valuable tips for litigating in federal court. Topics include authenticating digital evidence, crafting successful motions in limine and more.  
When in Rome Do as the Romans Do: Civil Litigation in Italy 
American civil suits don’t necessarily translate well in Italian courts. Find out about litigation Italian style, as we explore the Italian legal system and compare it to lawsuits in New Jersey.  
Can You Do That in Criminal Court? Crimes and Misdemeanors in New Jersey and Rome
Does the defendant have the right to remain silent? Is there a right to a jury? Who can appeal a criminal conviction? Criminal trials in Italy are very different from criminal trials in New Jersey. Join us for a fun, interactive seminar with lawyers and judges from both sides of the ocean as they answer your questions about criminal trials in Rome.
Oh, Sole Mio: Family Law Update 2018
What happens when “my one and only” turns into “Arrivaderci, Roma?” This program will explore the hottest topics in family law in New Jersey and in Rome. 
Immigration Involving Vulnerable Communities
Susan Roy, Esq.
Law Office of Susan G. Roy, LLC
Important Insurance Information from Italy
Don’t miss this fascinating look at insurance law from New Jersey to Rome. We cover varied insurance topics in New Jersey law, from PIP to Medicare set-asides, motions in limine in insurance cases and more. Then, we will hear from Italian amici as they discuss how insurance issues are handled in the Italian court system.  
Additional Programs:
How to Secure Your Data and not Get HACKED
Hot Tips for Hot Litigators: Italian Edition
Estate Planning for the Medicis and Other High Net Worth Families
Addiction: How Europe is Handling the War on Drugs