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Monday, November 7

8:45 - 10 a.m.

The Keys to Confidence in the Courts - What Lawyers Can Do
Plantation Room
According to a 2021 survey conducted by the National Center for State Courts’ poll, only 6 out of 10 people have some or a great deal of confidence in their state courts, a 10% drop from 3 years ago. More recent surveys and polling paint an even darker picture.
The United States is the world’s greatest democracy. Yet, we are facing a challenging time. The Director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC) at the University of Pennsylvania recently stated that, based on recent surveys of the Center, respect for judicial independence appears to be eroding. 
Some is due to the persistent and growing polarization in America and the undermining of the courts by those political extremes. Both Justice Scalia and Justice Ginsberg were approved by the Senate in votes of 90+ and only a few against. Yet, in the last few years, Justices were approved by a slim majority along party lines.
Some is due to a lack of civics education and understanding of the Court’s function and its place in the proper functioning of our country. 
Trust in the Courts is essential to the proper functioning of our government. What can lawyers do to educate the public and engender trust? Join an esteemed retired assignment judge and respected attorneys as they discuss some of the causes of the erosion of trust and what we can do to help safeguard this essential institution. 
Hon. Julio Mendez, A.J.S.C. (Ret.)
Timothy F. McGoughran, Esq., NJSBA President-Elect
Law Office of Timothy F. McGoughran, LLC, Ocean
Albertina Webb, Esq., President-Elect, Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey
Hill Wallack, LLP, Red Bank
It’s Not Always Five O’clock Somewhere – Troublesome Labor and Employment Issues and How to Solve Them
Cosponsored by the Labor and Employment Law Section
Duck Room 

Peter L. Frattarelli, Esq.
Archer & Greiner P.C., Voorhees
Hon. Thomas M. Moore, P.J.Cv,
Christine A. Amalfe, Esq.,
NJSBA Second Vice President
Gibbons, PC, Newark
Jim P. Anelli
, Esq.
White and Williams, LLP, Newark
Dina M. Mastellone, Esq.
Genova Burns, LLC, Newark
Sea of Heartbreak - Drafting Issues in Agreements that Will be Sought to be Enforced in the Family Part
Cosponsored by the Family Law Section
Fiesta Room 

Christine Fitzgerald, Esq.
Seiden Family Law, Cranford
Rita M. Aquilio, Esq.
Lawrence Law, Watchung
Jessica L. Arndt, Esq.
Arndt Sutak & Miceli, LLC, East Brunswick
Kristyl M. Berckes, Esq.
Lawrence Law, Watchung
Joseph P. Cadicina, Esq.
Cadicina Law, LLC, Morristown
Carmen Diaz Duncan, Esq.
Newsome O'Donnell, LLC, Morristown
Stephanie Frangos Hagan, Esq.
Donahue Hagan Klein & Weisberg, LLC, Morristown
Beatrice Kandell, Esq.
Skoloff & Wolfe, Livingston
Sheryl J. Seiden, Esq.
Seiden Family Law, Cranford
Amy Shimalla, Esq.
Lawrence Law, Watchung
Amy Wechsler, Esq.
Lawrence Law, Watchung
Andrea B. White, Esq.
Ansell Grimm & Aaron, PC, Ocean

Cannabis Law from the Land of the Coral Reef
Cosponsored by the Cannabis Law Committee
Pines Room

Henry Rinder, CPA
Smolin Lupin, Fairfield
Michael F. Schaff, Esq.
Wilentz Goldman & Spitzer, PA, Woodbridge
Seth R. Tipton, Esq.
Florio Perrucci Steinhardt Cappelli Tipton & Taylor LLC, Phillipsburg
Sarah Trent, Esq., Founder and CEO
Valley Wellness, Bridgewater 

Monday, November 7
10:15 – 11:55 a.m.

The Wreck of El Cazador – A Dive into Maritime History and Law
Plantation Room
On August 2, 1993, Captain Jerry Murphy of the F/V “Mistake” was trawling for butterfish at a point 50 miles south of Louisiana. Hitting a snag, Captain Murphy freed his fish trawl net. When he reeled it in, it was full of hundreds of Spanish silver coins.
Upon returning to shore, Captain Murphy and Jim Reheard, owner of Mistake, contacted attorney David Paul Horan, an admiralty lawyer and specialist in the salvage of ancient vessels. The “Grumpy Partnership” was established and a suit was filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana.
The Grumpy Partnership conducted extensive research and a salvage expedition to relocate the wreck site from which the coins were retrieved. It has now been determined that the vessel they discovered was “El Cazador,” sent by Carlos III from New Orleans to Mexico in the 1780’s to pick up nearly one half million pesos from the Mexico Mint. This large amount of hard currency was to be used to redeem the Spanish paper currency then in circulation in Spanish Louisiana.
If El Cazador’s treasure made it to New Orleans in 1784 and had the Spanish paper currency been redeemed with hard currency, no one could say with certainty that Spain would have felt the need to return Louisiana to France’s Napoleon. In turn, it may not have been available for purchase by the United States.
The purchase of Louisiana by the United States in 1803 instantly doubled its size. The destiny of the US as a leader of nations of the world was in part contingent on the acquisition from France of the million square miles of Louisiana territory. This shipwreck may have been the catalyst for all of this. 
Join David Horan for a look back at the loss of El Cazador and the significant impact it has had on world history. From his unique vantage point as a member of the Grumpy Partnership, David will take us back to the 1780’s to explore this infamous ship wreck and then travel to the 1990’s to discuss the legal strategies necessary to protect the ship and its valuable contents. He will bring us artifacts from the ship, including some of the coins, and will even raffle off one of them to a lucky audience member! 
Featured Speaker:
David Paul Horan, Esq.
Horan Law, Key West

Wednesday, November 9
8:45 – 10 a.m.

Miami Heat – Criminal Law from Key West
Cosponsored by the Criminal Law Section 
Plantation Room

Tracy M. Thompson, Insurance Fraud Prosecutor
NJ Office of the Attorney General
Division of Criminal Justice
Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor
Hon. Colleen M. Flynn, P.J.Cr., Middlesex
Hon. Lourdes Lucas, J.S.C., Monmouth
Robert A. Bianchi, Esq.
Bianchi Law Group, LLC, Parsippany
David J. Bruno, Esq.
Bianchi Law Group, LLC, Parsippany
Richard F. Klineburger III, Esq.
Klineburger & Nussey, Haddonfield
Robert A. Magnanini, Esq.
Stone Magnanini, Berkeley Heights
Hot Tips for Hot Litigators – Key West Edition
Cosponsored by the Civil Trial Bar Section
Duck Room

The litigators fly south for a truly “hot” seminar. Don’t miss this popular program on the latest cases, procedures and techniques for litigators. 
Thomas J. Manzo, Esq.
Szaferman LaKind Blumstein & Blader, PC, Lawrence Township
Keith S. Balla
PKF O’Connor Davies, LLP, Cranford
Diane L. Cardoso, Esq.
Javerbaum Wurgaft Hicks Kahn Wikstrom & Sinins, PC, Springfield
John W. Celmer, Director of Bar Associations
Leap Legal Software
Norberto A. Garcia, Esq., NJSBA Treasurer
Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari, Jersey City
Craig J. Hubert, Esq.
Szaferman Lakind, Lawrenceville 
Harry D. Norton Jr., Esq.
Hall Booth Smith, PC, Paramus
Thomas P. Scrivo, Esq. 
O’Toole, Scrivo, LLC, Cedar Grove
Financial Concerns with Special Needs Children
Cosponsored by the Young Lawyers Division
Fiesta Room

Families who raise special needs children must not only plan for day to day challenges, but also for long-term needs. The financial challenges are many: paying for additional medical and counseling expenses, caregiver expenses, home modification costs, and providing financial support after the parents have passed away.
This program will focus on financial concerns for families with special needs children, including trusts and estates, other financial planning and how to do this all in the context of divorce and non-dissolution cases.
Samuel J. Berse, Esq.
Berse Law, LLC, Westfield
Hon. Andrew Baron, ALJ
State of New Jersey, Office of Administrative Law, Newark
Joshua Fishkind, Esq., President & CEO
Hope Trust
Alex Krasnomowitz, CPA
Smolin Lupin, Fairfield
Susan Miano, CPA/ABV, CFF
Friedman, LLP, East Hanover
Lauren A. Miceli, Esq.
Arndt Sutak & Miceli, LLC, East Brunswick
Landlord Tenant Law
Pines Room
Hon. Stephen Petrillo, J.S.C., Essex
Tracey Goldstein, Esq.
Feinstein Raiss Kelin Booker & Goldstein LLC, Livingston


Wednesday, November 9
10:15 – 11:55 a.m.

LGBTQ Rights – Update from Florida 
Cosponsored by the LGBTQ Rights Section and the Florida Bar Diversity & Inclusion Committee
Plantation Room
Don’t miss this riveting day-after-the-election analysis of the status of LGBTQ rights in Florida and New Jersey from attorneys in both states. 
The lawyers will shine a light, compare and contrast three main topics: the metamorphosis of LGBTQ inclusion in both bars; adoption law evolution and impending LGBTQ litigation in Florida; and the surprising and contrasting constitutional rights to privacy in each state. You’ve read the media stories. Now hear directly from leading members of the Florida bar as they share their experiences. They will be joined by New Jersey colleagues as they examine what lawyers from both states can do to improve the quality of life and secure equality for the LGBTQ community.  
Hon. Daniel Weiss, J.S.C. (Ret.)
Mayor Teri Johnson
Mayor of the City of Key West 
Jeffrey Fiorello, Esq., Immediate Past Chair, NJSBA LGBTQ Rights Section 
Cohn Lifland Pearlman Herrmann & Knopf LLP, Saddle Brooke
Julian A. Jackson-Fanin, Esq.
Duane Morris, LLP, Miami
Thomas H. Prol, Esq., NJSBA Past President
Sills Cummis & Gross, PC, Newark
Larry D. Smith, Esq.
Rumberger Kirk & Caldwell, PA, Orlando
Wayne LaRue Smith, MBA, JD., Florida Bar Board of Governors for the 16th Circuit
The Smith Law Firm, Key West
Changes in Attitude, Changes in Latitude – How do We Calculate “Income”/ “Ability to Pay” for Purposes of Determining Child Support, College Contributions, and Alimony?
Cosponsored by the Family Law Section 
Duck Room

Derek M. Freed, Esq., Chair, NJSBA Family Law Section
Ulrichsen Rosen & Freed, Pennington
Hon. Peter J.Melchionne, P.J.F.P., Bergen
Hon. Jodi Rosenberg, J.S.C., Essex
Hon. Lisa Chrystal, (Ret.)
Hon. Marcia L. Silva
Former Judge, Family Part, Middlesex County
Silva & Stahl, LLC, East Brunswick
Hon. Thomas P. Zampino, (Ret.)
Snyder Sarno D'Aniello Maceri & da Costa LLC, Hacksensack
Robin C. Bogan, Esq.
Pallarino & Bogan, LLP, Morristown 
Lizanne J. Ceconi, Esq.
Ceconi & Cheifetz, LLC, Summit
Carolyn N. Daly, Esq.
Daly & Associates, LLC, Morristown
Thomas J. De Cataldo, Esq.
Skoloff & Wolfe, Livingston
Jenna N. Shapiro, Esq.
Fox Rothschild, LLP, Princeton
Alison J. Sutak, Esq.
Arndt Sutak & Miceli, LLC, East Brunswick
Jennifer Weisberg Millner, Esq.
Stark & Stark, Lawrenceville
Navigating the Ethics Everglades – The Latest on Ethics and Malpractice to Keep You Out of the Ethical Swamp     
Fiesta Room
Robert B. Hille, Esq., NJSBA Past President
Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP, Roseland
Hon. Lisa Miralles Walsh, A.J.S.C., Union
Greg Cooke, Vice President
USI Affinity 
Alexandra  V. Gallo, Esq.
O’Toole Scrivo, Cedar Grove
G. Glennon Troublefield, Esq., NJSBA Secretary
Carella Byrne Cecchi Brody Agnello, PC, Roseland

Wednesday, November 9
10:15 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Keys to Immigration Law Past and Present (a CLE Seminar and Tour)

Requires Tour Registration. Please register online or download a registration form.
At the San Carlos Institute
$52 per person—NOTE: there is no charge for the CLE credit. The cost of this tour covers round-trip transfers and a donation to San Carlos Institute.

Founded in 1871 by Cuban exiles of Key West as an educational, civic, and patriotic center, San Carlos Institute now serves as a museum, library, art gallery, theater, and school. It is considered the cradle of Cuba's independence movement. Experience a fascinating tour of this beautiful landmark, rich in the history of Cuban immigration to Florida, with Raphael Peñalver, Esq., President of the San Carlos Institute. Then, Mr. Peñalver joins members of the NJSBA Immigration Law Section for a unique CLE presentation on immigration and politics in the past and future.      

Neil Dornbaum, Esq.
Connell Foley LLP, Livingston
Scott R. Malyk, Esq.
Meyner & Landis, LLP, Newark
Raphael Peñalver, Esq., President
San Carlos Institute, Key West
The tour includes:
 Transfers to/from San Carlos Institute
 20-minute film produced by PBS
 75-minute CLE seminar
 Guided tour of the San Carlos
 Light refreshments following the tour