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New admit credits that may be used to fulfill some of the 15 mandatory credits required from the 5 of 9 areas of law
5/19 The History of Child Welfare Law in the U.S. | New Admit – NJ Family Law Practice
5/19 Municipal Court 2021- Timely Tips and Topics | New Admit – NJ Municipal Court Practice
5/19 Motion Practice for Young Lawyers | New Admit – NJ Civil or Criminal Trial Preparation
5/19 Animal Law: Implications for Criminal Prosecutions, Domestic Violence Law, and Beyond | New Admit – NJ Criminal Trial Preparation
5/19 Advocacy During a Pandemic: Revisiting Pretrial Detention Orders and Navigating Newfound Discretion in Sentencing for Certain Non-Violent Offenses | New Admit – NJ Criminal Trial Preparation
5/20 Malpractice Claims: What Should You Report and When Should You Report It? | New Admit – NJ Law Office Management
5/20 The Rules of the Game: The Civil Procedure and Practices You Need to Know For State and Federal Courts | New Admit – NJ Civil Trial Preparation