NJSBA Nominating Committee Seeks Candidates for Essex County Trustee

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The New Jersey State Bar Association’s Nominating Committee invites members to apply for a vacant position as an Essex County Trustee. 
The post on the NJSBA Board of Trustees becomes open in May for a two-year term. Please see specific criteria below.
Essex County Trustee: One seat for a two-year term. For purposes of being eligible to be a county trustee, at the time of election trustees shall meet one of the following criteria: (1) the county trustee's home is located in the county; (2) the county trustee's office is located in the county; or (3) the county is the county trustee's primary county of practice and they are a member of the county bar association. [Article III, 1
Additional Criteria: 
Candidates will be evaluated by the Nominating Committee for any of the available positions based on the following criteria [Article VIII, 3(a)]: 

1. Ability to fulfill the duties of the position, including regular attendance at Board of Trustees, Nominating Committee or ABA meetings. 
2. Adherence to the highest standards of fairness, professional responsibility, civility and professionalism; 
3. The quality of prior service to the organized bar; 
4. Prior or present leadership positions and degree of effectiveness in these positions; 
5. Dedication, capacity for hard work, and ability to fulfill all relevant duties; 
6. Awareness of the NJSBA’s internal structure, in particular the duties for the position sought; 
7. Demonstrated ability to synthesize and understand extensive information; 
8. Demonstrated common sense, good judgment and the ability to articulate positions intelligently; 
9. Prior service to the New Jersey State Bar Association and its constituent parts; 
10. Prior service to county and specialty bar associations; 
11. Extent of practice in the state of New Jersey; 
12. Geographical balance of the NJSBA leadership, 
13. Especially for officer positions, demonstrated administrative capability and experience, and recognition and understanding of the essential issues facing the organized bar, the profession, and capacity to lead in a responsible fashion. 

Filing Deadline: To qualify for consideration by the Nominating Committee, candidates must submit a letter/email stating the intention to seek a specific elective position. After receipt of a letter of intention, a questionnaire will be forwarded to the prospective candidate by email. Completed questionnaires must be received by the committee no later than 12 p.m., Wednesday, March 23, 2022. Letters may be emailed to Angela Scheck, Executive Director, at [email protected] Please direct any questions regarding procedure to Ms. Scheck by email or phone at 732-937-7500.