Overseas bar association seeks to model attorney training on NJICLE

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For Immediate Release
February 12, 2014
Kate Coscarelli
Senior Managing Director, Communications
NEW BRUNSWICK -  The New Jersey State Bar Association’s educational arm next week will host a group of attorneys from the Republic of Georgia who want to learn about the best continuing legal education practices.
A group of eight attorneys from the Georgian Bar Association will learn about setting standards for mandatory continuing legal education and how to create a state-run provider service from officials at New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education (NJICLE).
The institute was created in 1961 to help lawyers keep abreast of legal developments, aid them in becoming proficient in selected areas of law and assist them in maintaining a high level of professional competence. Today, it is the state’s leading provider of continuing legal education seminars, webinars and other services. It offers nearly 300 seminars each year and educates more than 35,000 judges, lawyers and legal professionals annually.
“We are excited and honored the Georgian Bar Association representatives chose to visit and study the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education in their efforts to create their own mandatory continuing legal education system. For over 50 years the institute has provided the New Jersey bench and bar with educational resources that are comprehensive, relevant, timely and affordable, and the opportunity to share our experience and knowledge with others advances our educational mission,” said NJSBA Executive Director Angela C. Scheck.
The Feb. 19 visit is being coordinated through the U.S. Agency for International Development and the East-West Management Institute.
The Republic of Georgia attorneys sought to visit New Jersey, and NJICLE, after research showed its model was closest to what they hope to achieve. They will also visit New York and Rhode Island continuing legal education officials while in the United States.
“The GBA was established as a unified bar in Georgia only recently, and it is now seeking to provide continuing legal education opportunities, with an emphasis on legal ethics, to its members,” said Mark  Dietrich, vice president of East-West Management Institute.
The attorneys will spend the day at the New Jersey Law Center in New Brunswick meeting with its continuing legal education staff, as well as officers and other executives, learning about the New Jersey’s continuing legal education regulations and how the institute selects speakers, creates seminars and monitors compliance.