NJSBA Asks For Uniformity in Safety at Workers' Compensation Courts

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September 30, 2019
Contact: Wendy Solomon
NEW BRUNSWICK - The New Jersey State Bar Association urged the commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development, Robert Asaro-Angelo, to address security issues within the state’s 15 workers’ compensation courts in a letter outlining its concerns last week. Pointing out that security varies from venue to venue, the NJSBA raised issues about the lack of metal detectors or other resources to adequately screen individuals entering the courts.
“The courts can be an emotionally charged experienced for an injured worker,” said NJSBA President Evelyn Padin in the letter. Citing to a recent incident in the Hackensack compensation court, where an injured worker threatened to kill various persons, including a workers compensation judge, the NJSBA pointed out that this was one of the locations that does not have additional security.
“The NJSBA is concerned for the safety of the judges, the staff, the lawyers and the general public who appear in the workers’ compensation courts,” said Padin. “We respectfully request that the Department of Labor and Workforce Development address these serious safety concerns uniformly throughout the state, in order to avoid a potential tragedy.”
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