Professionalism Awards - 2018 Quotes

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Jacqueline Hawkins Stiles - Atlantic County Bar Association
It is unfortunate that the public often portray lawyers in a negative light. It is my experience that the overwhelming majority of lawyers are ethical, charitable, intelligent and caring individuals; this is what makes me proud of our profession.
Robert B. Hille - Bergen County Bar Association
The first thing that inspires me about our legal profession is the important difference we make each day in the lives of the public we serve. The second inspiration is that as professionals, we are equal before the law, and measured only by our abilities and character.
Brian McEwing - Cape May County Bar Association
Heroes save lives, attorneys merely save reputations, but sometimes, that is the same thing!
Theodore E. Baker - Cumberland County Bar Association
In the practice of law, as in life, success may be predicated on the way other’s view you; attitude counts, and it cannot be dismissed.
Barry A. Kozyra - Essex County Bar Association
I believe all lawyers are charged by oath of office with the responsibility to seek justice for all and to bring honor to the profession. For me, my word has always been my bond in dealing with everyone – client, adversary, the courts and others. I have tried to fairly, and with due respect, be an advocate without losing sight of the truth and the  reputation of the profession. Those goals have worked for me.
Carolyn B. Uliase - Gloucester County Bar Association
I am deeply inspired to be part of one of the very few professions that allows one the opportunity to provide a lifeline to people in difficult situations. I also value working with other dedicated members of the legal profession to foster and promote the fair administration of justice.
Hon. Thomas L. Weisenbeck - Morris County Bar Association
After 45 years, I continue to be inspired by the quality of advocacy, sincerity and civility of the attorneys that I have encountered. Their professionalism makes the practice of law truly enjoyable.
Hon. John A. Peterson Jr., (Ret.) - Ocean County Bar Association
The first step in the evolution of ethics is a sense of solidarity with other human beings.” –Albert Schweitzer
William J. Brennan - Salem County Bar Association
After spending the first 25 years of my career as a Police Officer, I recognized that it was important to be a voice for victims. I also realized it is necessary to provide whatever services we can to help change the lives of some who are charged with crimes. This is why I chose to be a Prosecutor.
Mark T. Mayrides - Somerset County Bar Association
Anyone who specializes in family law knows how emotionally draining and challenging the practice can be day-to-day.  My motivation and approach is to help people transition through a difficult time in their lives, while simultaneously offering sound legal advice.
Thomas H. Prol - Sussex County Bar Association
What nobler cause is there than to help a person in need? Lawyers protect the vulnerable, restore rights unjustly taken, and secure access to justice for all. Throughout time, we have been advocates for equality and the guardians of the rights and freedom of individuals.
Hester H. Agudosi - Association of Black Women Lawyers of New Jersey
As a young lawyer, the most valuable guidance I ever received was ‘do the right thing.’ I found that statement to be liberating and use it to define and navigate my professional career.
Judith B. Fallon - Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
As a criminal defense attorney, particularly as a public defender, I stand with frightened people in their darkest hour; I am often the only one who does. My duty is my privilege.
Portia N. Downing - Garden State Bar Association
The legal profession inspires me because it has given me the unique opportunity to help others and to make a difference in the lives of individuals in the community. Specifically, as a prosecutor I have the honor, privilege and responsibility to be an advocate for seeking justice, which benefits everyone in our society.
Carmen M. Garcia - Hispanic Bar Association
For me, what is quintessential about our profession is that we exist fundamentally to offer service to others.
Joseph J. Garvey - New Jersey Defense Association
In the legal profession, we have the privilege of guiding our clients through difficult and emotional circumstances. What greater satisfaction can there be, when we are able to lead our clients through seemingly overwhelming problems.
Arnold N. Fishman - New Jersey State Bar Association
Complex civilizations are built upon expectations. Your reasonable expectation that others will: exchange a meal for money, honor the red light, respect my locked door, etc.... is the sine qua non of civilization; its complexity is directly dependent upon the degree of trust one can have in the realization of those expectations. In society, we call the fulfillment of those expectations manners; in the law, we call it professionalism. These are the norms that lubricate life. If there is any tradition that is charged with leading the way, it is we the minions of the law. I am inspired daily by that opportunity!
Linda G. Harvey - NJ Women Lawyers Association
I am inspired every day by lawyers who fight hard for their clients but continue to show respect and courtesy to their adversaries. It is a testament to the lawyers of New Jersey that my adversary of today is often my friend and colleague of tomorrow.
Atiya Aftab - NJ Muslim Lawyers Association
As an immigrant Muslim American woman, I cherish the ideals of our justice system and live everyday inspired by them and work everyday to realize them.
Sharmila D. Jaipersaud - South Asian Bar Association of NJ
The thing that inspires me about the legal profession is unity even during times of adversity. Lawyers have come together, regardless of political affiliations, to support the promotion of diversity throughout the State of New Jersey. The affinity bars continue to band together to support each other, which is inspirational.
Craig S. Hilliard - Trial Lawyers of New Jersey
I still feel as privileged today to be a part of this profession as I did when I passed the Bar thirty years ago. Indeed, each new opportunity to interact with the dedicated lawyers across the State of New Jersey only reinforces that feeling and my commitment to the practice of law.