Professionalism Awards - 2019 Quotes

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Thomas Loikith - Bergen County Bar Association
In our democracy, lawyers stand between justice and injustice, between order and chaos. We help people resolve troubling personal and business issues in their lives. I can’t think of a higher calling than that.
John C. Gillespie - Burlington County Bar Association
The practice of law gives us not only the opportunity to help clients achieve their various goals and help them solve problems, but offers that rare privilege to wake up every day knowing we’re going to learn something new today.
Gary W. Boguski - Camden County Bar Association
As an undergraduate I worked at a Development Center with severely handicapped children and young adults. This was perfectly aligned with my goal to become a social worker. In the fall of my senior year the director of the Center spoke with me. I wish I could remember his name and that I had stayed in touch with him. During our conversation he made a simple but profound statement. He told me that if I wanted to help people I should go to law school and become a lawyer. Shortly thereafter I registered for the LSATs and by the next August I was in law school. That was 50 years ago.
Anthony P. Monzo - Cape May County Bar Association
What inspires me about the noble profession of practicing law is the term “character,” which is a critical element of professionalism since good moral character is a prerequisite to admission into the Bar. Although competence is important for a successful practice, you can easily obtain competence through hard work which most, if not all, lawyers have demonstrated merely by getting through law school and passing the Bar exam. Good character, on the other hand, is something that flows from the inside and is displayed by your outward behavior and it is what really defines you. Quoting John Wooden, the famous men’s basketball coach at UCLA, “Be more concerned with your character than with your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are."
Frank W. Jablonski - Hudson County Bar Association
Today, the time-honored notions of preparedness, skill, and professionalism are honored. Although zealous advocacy is our responsibility, the ability to assist a client with these ideals as a primary focus is what makes our profession noble.
Sharon B. Ransavage - Hunterdon County Bar Association
It has been an honor and a privilege to have spent 40 years of my professional life as a lawyer. What lawyers do is important, not only to our clients, but to the broader community as a whole, which depends on the rule of law in resolving conflicts. We are an essential component of our democracy, and how we perform our job determines the strength of that democracy.
William P. Isele - Middlesex County Bar Association
What inspires me about the legal profession is that lawyers, in general, understand and appreciate their higher duty to serve the law by serving the clients who come to them in need.
Peter N. Gilbreth - Morris County Bar Association
Having served as both a county prosecutor and criminal defense attorney, I have served citizens ‘on both sides of the aisle.’ It is an honor to have assisted many people with many issues through their legal difficulties.
Eugenia M. Lynch - Ocean County Bar Association
What inspires me about the law is the opportunity for all individuals to have a fighting chance.
Franco Mazzei - Passaic County Bar Association
The practice of law inspires me each and every day in my interactions with colleague attorneys, clients and the Court. I have truly been blessed with the relationships and acquaintances I have made as a member of the Passaic County Bar Association and New Jersey State Bar Association. My clients and colleagues in the law have provided positive influences on me as a practitioner and, more importantly, as a person. The practice of law has and will continue to shape my commitment to volunteerism and refine my leadership and advocacy skills as a legal practitioner.
Michael J. Mitzner - Somerset County Bar Association
Practicing law provides an opportunity to deal with a wide variety of people and a wide variety of problems. It allows us to make a significant difference for the people we represent. We can literally change their lives around for the better.
Jeffrey S. Katz - Sussex County Bar Association
Over the years, I donated my time to our members and others without hesitation and without need of reward. I did so because I firmly believe that we should do all that we can to ensure that our profession is held in high regard by the community we serve. Even though, we, on occasion fail to live up to those expectations, I believe it is our duty to continue to try. I am grateful to the Sussex County Bar Association for having this award presented to me.
Cameryn J. Hinton - Association of Black Women Lawyers
The legal profession is a means to cultivate a society reflective of the people. I am humbled to be entrusted with such responsibility. As stewards of the landscape, attorneys must take care to uphold the principles that empower and secure the rights of every person subject to the law. Every day, we must advocate for the equitable advancement of our society and I am inspired by the colleagues I know are resolved to this work.
Sharon Bittner Kean - Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers of New Jersey
As a criminal defense attorney, it is an honor and a privilege to stand up for individual rights and to protect the liberties guaranteed by the Constitution which are at the very core of a free, fair and Democratic society.
Mark S. Olinsky - Association of the Federal Bar of New Jersey
Win or lose, being a lawyer gives each of us the opportunity to be a true champion – someone who defends or stands up for others – every day of our professional lives, and to do so with courage, integrity, and civility.
James A. Lewis V - Garden State Bar Association
As an advocate, I take pride in giving voice to the voiceless. It is a powerful responsibility that drives me to uphold the highest of standards both personally and professionally. Being a lawyer is not just what I do, it is my response to a calling to serve.
Faudia Hameed Clemenza - New Jersey Muslim Lawyers Bar Association
At its core, our profession is a noble one: our job is to help people fix their problems. How amazing is that? Our clients come to us in their darkest hours and rely on our expertise to guide them to the light. But with that power comes great responsibility. The incivility prevalent in society has unfortunately trickled down, so it is our duty as attorneys to not only advocate for our clients, but to live by the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. My fellow practitioners who exemplify that, both on the bar and bench, inspire me to continue improving, striving to be better tomorrow than I am today.
Michael Noriega - New Jersey State Bar Association
No other license I have ever encountered offers the diversity of experience as a license to practice law. Whether you are fighting for a client's right to the return of a security deposit, arguing before a jury to save a client from a life sentence, or arguing before the Supreme Court to effect real change in the law across our State; we are extremely fortunate to have such an impact on the world around us.
Jemi Goulian Lucey - New Jersey Women Lawyers Association
I am heartened by the progress women are making in the legal profession. I believe we bring a unique and valuable prospective to the practice and the conversation. I am confident that my fellow members of the New Jersey bar will continue to foster this progress, and the need for, and value of, civility in the practice of law.
K. Raja Bhattacharya - South Asian Bar Association of New Jersey
As a trial lawyer who represents the injured, I am inspired by the fact that there is no entity or corporation too big to seek justice from on behalf of my clients.  All lawyers, no matter who they represent, have the power to fairly and honorably seek justice for their clients on an even playing field.