Call For Speakers & Ideas

The NJSBA and NJICLE are looking for dynamic speakers, valuable insights, case studies, and stimulating points of view. We want to hear about “the next big thing” impacting the practice of law in New Jersey, and are accepting program ideas and speaker submissions.


Diversity + Inclusion = Better Programming
In addition to highlighting subject matter expertise, the NJSBA is focused on fostering diversity and inclusion, and is firmly committed to advancing this initiative. Accordingly, when you submit the proposal below, you will be asked how you and/or your proposed program panel reflects this concept.
(Click here to review the NJSBA's Statement of Diversity and Inclusion.)


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What, specifically, is important about this topic/area of law right now?

The NJSBA recognizes the broad concept of diversity includes race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, age, and disability. 

How do you and/or your proposed program panel reflect this concept?