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Register for one price, login on the day of the program, and select 2 live programs to attend.
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AM Sessions
New Jersey Trust and Business Accounting

New Jersey lawyers are required to comply with the Supreme Court’s mandatory recordkeeping rule, R. 1:21-6 and ethics rule RPB 1.15 (“Safekeeping or Property.”) From a practical perspective, you are likely to have thousands of dollars or more of money from different clients in your attorney trust account at one time. There are strong penalties for comingling the funds and strict recordkeeping rules that set forth how the money should be accounted and under what circumstances it can be withdrawn. Further, since 1981, the New Jersey Supreme Court has operated the random audit program in order to determine an attorney’s compliance with these rules. At some point, every lawyer in New Jersey will be randomly audited.

Most attorneys understand the necessity of maintaining proper trust and business accounts, but may be unsure of all of the specifics. This program will provide that and more. Experts will take you through the trust and business accounting process as prescribed by the RPC’s. You will receive practical tips for keeping up with all of the requirements even in your busiest times. You will also learn what to do to prepare for an audit.
New Jersey Municipal Court Practice

There are over 500 municipal courts in New Jersey, which is why municipal courts are the most common place – and often the only place- where New Jersey citizens come into contact with the court system. They are also among the first cases that recently admitted attorneys are likely to handle. This program will familiarize you with the practices and procedures of New Jersey’s municipal courts. Seasoned practitioners who have handled hundreds of municipal court matters will provide you with an overview of the local court system, review the types of cases that are heard in municipal courts and provide you with practical information for successfully handling a case.

PM Sessions

New Jersey Basic Estate Administration

This in-depth nuts and bolts primer will provide you with a solid foundation in some of the most common issues that arise during the estate administration process and beyond. Our experienced speaker will take you through the probate process step by step, going over deadlines and showing you how to complete the necessary forms. What you learn will provide you with a more in depth understanding of the estate administration needs of your clients, and will allow you to handle cases you might have otherwise referred to others.

New Jersey Family Law

This informative program will review all of the important aspects of New Jersey family law practice, and will provide you with the tools and strategies you need to succeed. You’ll walk away with a concrete foundation you can use to handle the cases that come your way with confidence. This is a unique opportunity to interact with and learn from some the most respected family law practitioners in New Jersey.

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About the New Attorney Requirement: New Attorneys must satisfy 15 of required 24 credits in any 5 of 9 mandatory subject areas:
- New Jersey Estate Administration
- New Jersey Estate Planning
- New Jersey Civil Trial Preparation OR New Jersey Criminal Trial Preparation
- New Jersey Family Law Practice
- New Jersey Real Estate Closing Procedures
- New Jersey Trust & Business Accounting
- New Jersey Landlord-Tenant Practice
- New Jersey Municipal Court Practice
- New Jersey Law Office Management

For more information about New Jersey MCLE requirements, visit njcourts.gov

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