NJICLE's New Attorney MCLE Program

The fastest way to fulfill your MCLE Requirements - For only $139!
As a new attorney, you are required to earn 15 credits in 5 of 9 subject areas. Satisfy your requirement
quickly and easily – in one convenient day – by registering for NJICLE’s New Attorney Day.

Register for one price! Login on the day of the program and select 2 live programs. Then, choose three
additional on-demand programs that have been specially designed for new attorneys, all for only $139.

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Check out these On-Demand programs.
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At the New Jersey State Bar Association, we're here to help new attorneys find their way and get the help they need. Click here to join.

About the New Attorney Requirement: New Attorneys must satisfy 15 of required 24 credits in any 5 of 9 mandatory subject areas:
- New Jersey Estate Administration
- New Jersey Estate Planning
- New Jersey Civil Trial Preparation OR New Jersey Criminal Trial Preparation
- New Jersey Family Law Practice
- New Jersey Real Estate Closing Procedures
- New Jersey Trust & Business Accounting
- New Jersey Landlord-Tenant Practice
- New Jersey Municipal Court Practice
- New Jersey Law Office Management

For more information about New Jersey MCLE requirements, visit njcourts.gov

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